Hailey Bieber Gives An Update On Her Health After Terrifying Mini-Stroke

Hailey Bieber tries to pay attention to what her body tells her. The model became even more in tune with her well-being after her husband, Justin Bieber, was diagnosed with Lyme disease in early 2020, TMZ reported. "It definitely makes you more aware of your health and I think it makes you pay more attention to how you feel and different symptoms," Hailey said on the "Going for Goal" podcast (via People) in February 2021. As such, she knew something was really wrong on the morning of March 10.

"I was sitting at breakfast with my husband when I started having stroke like symptoms," she shared on an Instagram Story (via People). Shortly after, Hailey was hospitalized with a blood clot in her brain. After running tests, doctors determined Hailey passed the clot on its own with no lingering consequences. Her symptoms arose from the lack of oxygen the small clot had produced in her brain, but thankfully it wasn't enough to cause any damage. "Although this was definitely one of the scariest moments I've ever been through, I'm home now and doing well," she added.

While Hailey didn't disclose the causes behind the issue, Justin had been diagnosed with COVID-19 just weeks before, E! News reported. Doctors hypothesized that her condition could have been related to the coronavirus, according to TMZ. The disease has been linked to an increased chance of developing blood clots, WebMD noted. However, Hailey's health scare was much more serious than she previously let on.

Hailey Bieber underwent a heart procedure following her blood clot

Hailey Bieber sat down at the breakfast table to start what she imagined would be an ordinary day. She soon realized the day was going to be anything but when she stopped feeling sensations in her right fingers and pain in her arm, she said in a YouTube video posted on April 27. It wasn't until Justin Bieber asked her if she was okay that Hailey understood that whatever was happening was bad. "I couldn't speak. The right side of my face started drooping," she revealed. Stroke was the first thing that crossed Hailey's head — and Justin's as well. At the Palm Springs hospital, tests revealed Hailey experienced a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), sometimes referred to as a mini-stroke, Hailey explained.

After being discharged, Hailey underwent further testing that revealed she had a congenital heart condition. She then underwent a medical intervention to correct the small hole. While the heart issue contributed to the blood clot, Hailey's doctors believe she was the victim of an unfortunate combination of factors. Hailey recently started taking a new birth control, had COVID-19, and had been flying, all of which may contribute to the formation of clots.

Hailey is doing well now, but she and Justin had a stressful month. Justin was in a panic at the thought of losing Hailey. "Justin texted everyone he knew and asked everyone to pray for her, and he never left her side," a source told People