Celebs Who Can't Stand Lisa Rinna

You don't last seven seasons on Bravo without breaking a few eggs, and no one knows that better than Lisa Rinna. After joining "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in 2014, the former "Melrose Place" star became an instant fan favorite for her quirky dances, her love of Harry Hamlin, and, let's be real, her pot-stirring abilities.

While the fans love her, we can't say her castmates feel the same way. As we'll get into below, Rinna has feuded with just about every woman who dared to call themselves a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. It looks like the tides might finally be turning for Rinna, though. As of this writing, as the premiere of Season 12 approaches, there have been rumors that she's had a major falling out with Kathy Hilton and is no longer on good terms with her long-time ally Erika Jayne.

As her list of friends gets shorter, the list of celebrities who can't stand her gets longer. Below we break it all down, and it's not just Housewives; Rinna also doesn't get along with her hubby's ex, either.

Kim Richards

If you know anything about Lisa Rinna's feuds, it's her longstanding animosity with Kim Richards. Richards has been on and off "RHOBH" since the beginning. On seasons when she doesn't appear as a full-time cast member, she floats in the periphery, as she's Kyle Richards's older sister. Kim has struggled with her sobriety over the years, and Rinna has not always been supportive. After criticizing Kim's drinking early on, they were never able to fully get along again. For her part, Rinna apologized to Kim during a boozy and (obviously) lavish trip to Amsterdam in Season 5, per Us Weekly. Her excuse for her snap judgment of Kim had to do with her own experience dealing with close family members struggling with addiction.

Cut to Season 7, when Kim was no longer a full-time cast member and was busy preparing to become a grandmother. Rinna gifted Kim a plush toy bunny as a baby gift in yet another attempt to bury that hatchet. Then, at the reunion a few months later, Kim brought back the unopened gift and returned it to Rinna on camera, claiming it didn't have "good energy" and that she didn't want it around her grandchild, per Refinery29. Rinna burst into tears as she'd evidently never been so offended in her life. The energy might not have been good enough for Kim's precious grandbaby, but Andy Cohen deemed it the perfect fit for his Bravo fans and now proudly displays it on the set of "Watch What Happens Live."

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Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais and Lisa Rinna's longstanding friendship wasn't able to withstand the pressures of reality TV. After joining the show in Season 11, Garcelle claimed that she felt uncomfortable throughout the season as she was the only black woman on the show. When the reunion rolled around, Beauvais brought all those feelings out into the open. Not only did she accuse Rinna and Dorit Kemsley of picking on her throughout the season, but she also accused the pair of racist microaggressions. 

Rinna and Kemsley denied the allegations. Beauvais wasn't done, though. She also claimed that Rinna — who had been her friend for close to 20 years before she joined the show — disliked that she talked about race on camera. It is worth noting that Rinna has denied this, and Beauvais, though she is sure it happened, didn't hear it firsthand, per People. "Someone told me that you said that I should have never brought race into this show. That this show is not that kind of show," Garcelle explained during the reunion. "And that really bothered me."

Rinna and Kemsley doubled down and demanded that they hadn't done anything wrong. "Garcelle. I would never say that, by the way," Rinna said, adding, "I was happy you came on the show. I like you," she said. "Why would you insinuate that?" Eventually, over the course of the reunion, they sort of made up (per Andy Cohen's insistence) but things were still tense, per Bravo.

Denise Richards

It was a big deal when someone with as big a name as Denise Richards joined the franchise in Season 9. Almost as soon as she joined the cast, the rumor that she had an affair with former "RHOBH" star and occasional trouble maker Brandi Glanville began to spread. Richards adamantly denied. Glanville, for her part, was upset about the reported romance because she was under the impression that Richard's husband was cool with it, but apparently, he wasn't, per Us Weekly.

Glanville showed Lisa Rinna some texts reportedly between herself and Richards that convinced Rinna that Richards was lying. Richards continued to irritate the cast throughout the season by being overly selective about what she shared on the show. For example, if someone brought up the Glanville drama, Richards would scream, "Bravo, Bravo, Bravo." There is an unwritten rule that producers won't include footage that breaks the fourth wall in the final edit, per Page Six. They never reached a resolution and Richards left the show claiming that Rinna had thrown away a good friendship by siding with Glanville.

That's not the end of the story, though. Though the friendship is firmly over, Rinna has continued to go after Richards's marriage, claiming that Richards hit on "Real Housewives of Orange County" stars at BravoCon, per Hollywood Life. We don't know Richard's opinion on that one, but we do know she's done with Bravo Bravo Bravo and Rinna Rinna Rinna.

Lisa Vanderpump

Before Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpumped ruled supreme as Bravo's undisputed queen. As a fan favorite on "RHOBH" and star and producer of "Vanderpump Rules," she could do no wrong. She came crashing down in Season 9, though, when she (maybe but probably) let it slip to the press that Dorit Kemsley had abandoned a dog she'd gotten from Vanderpump's rescue. Apparently, the dog bit one of Kemsley's children, so she gave it away to a friend, thinking it was in a good home. The friend, in turn, gave the dog up to a different rescue who then contacted Vanderpump Dogs to let them know they had it at their facilities, per People. So, yeah, it was complicated, but the main point is that it was some seriously bad press for Kemsley — and Vanderpump was reportedly behind it. That's where Rinna comes in. The drama between Vanderpump and Kemsly firmly divided that cast and Rinna was staunchly on Kemsley's side. 

Things further deteriorated when Vanderpump turned the scandal into a spinoff "Vanderpump Dogs." "I'm a hustler. I make no bones about that. I think you get paid for what you do. So my feeling is, if we indeed are servicing a spinoff, we should be paid for it," Rinna wrote in an Instagram story, per Us Weekly. "So, if this indeed becomes another show, my lawyer will be calling." "Vanderpump Dogs" aired for one season on Peacock and has yet to be renewed. Rinna also has yet to receive a check.

Kathy Hilton

Lisa Rinna has long been a fan-favorite on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but she was almost replaced by Kathy Hilton who stole hearts with her weird energy and quirky one liners. After a phenomenal first season, fans were disappointed to learn that Hilton would not be returning for Season 12 — and rumor has it that's because of her feud with Rinna. Things reportedly turned nasty while the cast was filming in Aspen in 2021. There were lots of rumors that Hilton threw a fit and made quite a scene at the hotel. She was reportedly furious that Rinna and the rest of the cast may have had a hand in spreading the rumors, per Radar. The mumblings of fallout were all but confirmed when Hilton didn't film the Season 12 finale. The entire cast was present, except for Hilton, who ditched the ladies to hang out with Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago, which Rinna found to be very problematic.

So, if you miss Hilton this year, you've reportedly got Rinna to thank. Making things more complicated is the rumor that Hilton will only consider returning if her sister Kim Richards is welcomed back. Given Richards' equally tense relationship with Rinna, that doesn't seem too likely.

Yolanda Hadid

When it comes to co-stars Lisa Rinna does not see eye to eye with, Yolanda Hadid has got to be near the top of the list. The plot of Season 6 revolved around whether or not Hadid has Lyme disease. Because this is "The Real Housewives" and the premise is basically that everyone is lying about something, the ladies became convinced that Hadid was faking the illness. Everyone, it seems, was against Hadid, including her ex-husband, who has long been rumored to think she's faking it, per Us Weekly.

Rinna even went so far as to suggest that Hadid actually had Munchausen Syndrome (a disorder that causes people to fake illnesses for sympathy), per Hollywood Life. Hadid told Rinna that the rumor was "the biggest f***ing blow I've ever had in my life ... sorry is not enough" (via People). Lisa did eventually apologize, but things were far from okay between the two.

The fallout from other cast members and fans over her feud with the former model was enough to make Rinna think about leaving the show. "It's gotten to a crazy level," she told the Los Angeles Times in 2019. "I mean, I've had death threats." Thankfully for drama-loving fans, though, Hadid moved to a farm in Pennsylvania, and Rinna remained in L.A. and kept stirring the pot for seasons to come.

Nicollette Sheridan

Time for some off-screen drama! We are talking, of course, about the only non-housewife on the list — we warned you Lisa stirs the pot on "RHOBH" — Harry Hamin's ex, Nicollete Sheridan. Sheridan and Hamlin were married for just one year, divorcing in 1992.

Rinna got herself into trouble after alleging that Sheridan cheated on Hamlin with Michael Bolton, whom she dated on and off for years, per ET. The ladies took their beef to Twitter. After Rinna claimed that the marriage between Hamlin and Sheridan ended when Sheridan met Bolton at his concert in 1992 during an episode of "Beverly Hills," Sheridan fired back just as hard. "FAKE NEWS!" she wrote. "Harry and I ended our marriage nose to nose in Canada...Michael was a long-time friend that was invited to our wedding" Well, "friend" is a bit of an understatement, considering that they dated on and off through all of the 90s and were even briefly engaged in the early 2000s. 

Hamlin shot back: "Re Fake News! What's it called when your wife of one year suddenly goes to bed with a pop singer? ...two weeks after your mother dies?? I did a lotta stuff with my wife "nose to nose" but ending our marriage was not one of them!" Rinna threw in some nasty tweets of her own for good measure. There's no love lost between the ladies and it's precisely for that reason that we're praying Bravo taps Sheridan to join the upcoming season of "RHOBH."

Kyle Richards

Thanks to Lisa Rinna's tense relationship with Kyle Richards' sister, Kim Richards, the pair have butted heads more than a few times over the years. Though Rinna and Kim seemed to move on from the uncomfy bunny return in Season 7, in Season 10, Kyle was still holding onto some resentment. During a boozy dinner in Los Angeles, some of the women began questioning whether or not Kyle really had their backs. Kyle claimed she did, but Rinna fired back that Kyle had left her hanging during a fight with Kim in Amsterdam seasons earlier. "Really, Rinna? You're gonna go that deep? I see what you're doing now," Kyle screamed across the table, per The Sun. "It cost me a relationship with my sister, so f**k you! So f**k off."

They eventually made up, but it's clear that Kyle still feels a bit of hostility towards Rinna for complicating her already-messy relationship with Kim. As of this writing, rumors are swirling that things have once again taken a sour turn for Rinna and Kyle as Season 12 prepares to drop. Rinna reportedly fell out with Kyle's other sister, Kathy Hilton, which could be where the animosity comes from. Since filming wrapped, Kyle, Kathy, and Rinna have all been sharing suspiciously dramatic quotes on their Instagrams about backstabbing and "real friends," per the Heavy.

Erika Jayne

Last up on our list of Lisa Rinna haters is Erika Jayne — and believe us when we tell you we saved the most complicated for last. Jayne and Rinna have fluctuated between being super tight and straight-up enemies as is the ethos of the housewife.

Things turned majorly sour between Jayne and Rinna during Season 11, when most of the drama focused on Jayne's ongoing divorce and serious money troubles following her estranged husband's very public fall from grace. Initially, Rinna was steadfastly on her side. By the time the next season began filming, though, there were already rumors that Rinna and Jayne had fallen out. According to eyewitness reports Rinna threw major shade at Jayne while filming in Aspen, and things escalated to the point that producers decided to stop the cameras. "A producer had to step in and they stopped filming... then all the girls made an agreement to not name-call anymore and filming resumed," a source told Radar.

The new season hasn't aired yet, so we aren't sure exactly where they stand, but things don't seem great. Jayne has been leaving cryptic comments on Instagram relating to their relationship. "Just wait for this season," she wrote under a photo comparing herself and Rinna to a modern day Thelma and Louise.