Ireland Baldwin Doesn't Hold Back Her Criticism Of Amber Heard

Johnny Depp's $50 million defamation suit against his ex-wife Amber Heard keeps getting uglier by the day. There are many celebrities out there who have had their dirty laundry aired in divorce court, but the details of Depp's messy relationship with Heard have been truly disturbing. In one instance, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor admitted to "assaulting" kitchen cabinets during a fit of rage. A truly shocking clip from the trial shows Depp accusing Heard of leaving human fecal matter in their bed, per Newsweek. Heard has also been accused of copying Depp's outfits, as a way to intimidate him in court.

A lot of critics have taken to Twitter to sound off on the case, and even the popular makeup brand Milani has had to weigh in, as per the New York Post. One person who certainly has not held back in her criticism of Heard has been Alec Baldwin's daughter, Ireland Baldwin. What she has to say about the case is certainly giving critics something to talk about.

Ireland Baldwin is not holding back on Amber Heard

Let's just say that Ireland Baldwin is no fan of Amber Heard. Ireland, whose own father, Alec Baldwin, has had his fair share of controversial headlines over the years, went out of her way to slam the "Aquaman" star. Baldwin accused Heard of being a "disaster of a human being" who apparently uses "womanhood" to play the victim. Ireland took to her Instagram account to make her thoughts on the matter clear, explaining that she has come across women like Heard who "turn the world against the man." Baldwin wrote (via the Daily Mail): "Men can experience abuse too and this absolute disaster of a human being is a terrible person and I hope Johnny gets his reputation and his life back. And I hope he's in like five Pirates movies."

Well, if there's anyone who knows that there are at least two sides to any story, it's the Baldwin family. The "30 Rock" alum has long had to fight back against allegations that have been made against him that have also included assault. Interestingly, both Alec and Depp have penned the introduction and forward to a book by Greg Ellis called "The Respondents: Exposing The Cartel Of Family Law," which details the alleged gender bias that courts have against men, per the Daily Mail. That might be one of the reasons why Ireland Baldwin has got Depp's back in this case.

Alec Baldwin got to tell his side of the story, too

One of the reasons why Ireland Baldwin might feel so passionate about Johnny Depp's defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard is because her own father, Alec Baldwin, has also had his fair share of legal struggles in the past. In Greg Ellis' book, "The Respondents: Exposing The Cartel Of Family Law," Alec admitted to feeling defeated after his marriage to Kim Basinger saw him engulfed in a custody battle over their daughter, Ireland.

"In the ensuing years, as I was dragged through the suffering and humiliation of the California family law system (an entity that I came to equate with a criminal organization, defined by their casual willingness to inflict pain in order to extort money), I became outraged by what I was put through. So much so that I wrote a book about the experience," Baldwin wrote in the preface for the book, according to MSN.

Alec's experience is also connected to what Depp had to write in the intro for the book, as well.

Johnny Depp says there are two sides to every divorce court battle

In his intro for "The Respondents: Exposing The Cartel Of Family Law," Depp wrote, "It's also both a diagnosis and a prescription, mediating the depth of crisis and escape. Greg Ellis straightens the record and breaks the myth of the divorce court. This is Greg's story. It's your story. And it's our story," while also adding, "If you're trapped in the dungeon that is the family court system, The Respondent should be your constant companion."

Depp might not have been trapped in an actual dungeon during his marriage to Amber Heard, but he did admit to locking himself in the bathroom and other parts of their home in order to keep away from his ex-wife during their aggressive arguments, which would allegedly send the actor "into a kind of tailspin of confusion and depression."

And, of course, as someone who was perhaps a witness to both sides of the story, it's no wonder Ireland Baldwin is giving Heard a major side eye in this case.