Why Chrishell Stause's Sisters Aren't Fans Of Justin Hartley

It's always good to have family on your side when you're going through a hard time — like a divorce, for instance. And if you have gone through a divorce, it's nice to have family willing to subtly shade your ex-husband on the reality show you're starring in. Too specific? We're talking about Chrishell Stause, whose difficult and emotional divorce from "This Is Us" actor Justin Hartley was depicted on the third season of Netflix's "Selling Sunset." Hartley moved on quickly with Sofia Pernas, who he married in 2021 to much backlash from Stause's fans who believe the actor did her wrong.

In the newly-released "Selling Sunset" Season 5, Stause gets a visit from her two sisters in the final episode. And like the supportive siblings that they are, both women agree that they didn't like Stause's ex-husband in the season finale. Was it just because, according to Page Six, Hartley reportedly informed Stause of their impending divorce via text message? As a matter of fact, Stause's sisters indicated that they had more than one reason they didn't trust Hartley. 

Chrishell Stause's sisters said Jason Hartley didn't take her seriously

Without naming names (though we all know who we're talking about), Chrishell Stause's sisters Shonda and Sabrina Stause explained why they weren't fans of her ex-husband Justin Hartley. "I feel like with your last relationship, there was some criticism. A lot of what you did, I don't think that he took you seriously," Shonda said on an episode of "Selling Sunset" Season 5, per Us Weekly. "A lot of your jobs, he acted like they were not real jobs. And this was your life. This was your job. You worked so hard for it." 

Her sister Sabrina said, "There are just some instances in the past where it felt like you were covering for your partner at the time. Maybe they were doing something that was a little disrespectful and you were, like, standing up for them and trying to cover for them and it was just so sad that you felt like you had to kind of pretend to be something else." 

The good news is that Chrishell has definitely moved on, even going on to date her boss and "Selling Sunset" costar Jason Oppenheim, though they eventually split up and remain friends, according to People. Perhaps Chrishell's sisters can play matchmaker for the "Selling Sunset" star's next man!