Why Madonna Is Causing A Stir For All The Wrong Reasons

Madonna is no stranger to controversy, but it's her wildest moments that have made the pop icon the legendary singer she is.

Across the last four decades of Madonna's career, the pop star has shocked the world again and again. Back in 2003, in arguably her most controversial on stage moment, Madonna was joined by pop princesses Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera for a performance of "Like a Virgin" and "Hollywood" at the MTV Video Music Awards. All three pop stars donned wedding dresses, and were the talk of the VMAs when Madonna kissed both Spears and Aguilera on the mouth in front of millions of viewers. Madonna's unexpected on stage kisses continued in 2015, when the artist decided to land one on rapper Drake at Coachella. The internet was left in a disarray after a video of the moment surfaced and the Canadian rapper seemed less than pleased to kiss the pop star.

Six years later, Madonna has caused a stir yet again while visiting Jimmy Fallon on the set of "The Tonight Show." In a promotional interview for her new documentary "Madame X," Madonna sat down with Fallon, telling the host "artists are here to disturb the peace... and so, I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon but people's peace while they watch the show, but I mean that in the best way." And disturb she did, as Madonna's antics caused even Fallon to yell, "Stop it!"

Madonna made Jimmy Fallon uncomfortable on set

Pop icon Madonna has never strayed away from baring it all for fans, and her appearance on "The Tonight Show" was no different. Mid-way through her late-night interview, Madonna did what no guest has done before and jumped on top of Jimmy Fallon's desk and began posing in a sexually provocative manner.

The late night host got a little red as he laughed and told the pop star to knock it off. Madonna then opted to flash the audience by lifting up her skirt, after telling Fallon "no one's going to see anything, my God!" Fans had mixed reactions, with one calling the incident "everything" while another debated if they like the artist. The wild moment may have been over-the-top for the late night show, but for Madonna, showing off her body is nothing new.

In 2018, the artist posted a throwback nude picture on Instagram from her days when she posed for artists pre-fame to make some extra cash. "Many of these photos were sold to Playboy and Penthouse when I became famous," Madonna explained in the caption. "The Photographer's. Exploited Me and then the Patriarchy tried to Shame me for Being Naked. I told the Press 'i Was Not Ashamed' and this became headline news." Madonna closed out the post with "you cannot stop Art by trying to Shame it. Creation always wins."