Things You Didn't Know About Savannah Chrisley

Since the premiere of the hit reality show Chrisley Knows Best in 2014, middle daughter Savannah Chrisley has transformed from an everyday teenager into a beauty queen, college student, and budding fashion designer.

She's also become such a breakout star that when the show's parent network, USA, decided to build a few spinoffs around the family, she and her older brother Chase were tapped to star in their own, Growing Up Chrisley. If you're a die-hard fan of all things Chrisley, you may feel like you're already besties with the show's self-proclaimed Southern belle, but there may be a few things about Savannah Chrisley that you don't already know. Here's what we dug up.

She was in a serious car accident

In January 2017, Chrisley took to Instagram to reveal that she was involved in a serious car accident that left her with a broken vertebrae, numbness in her hands and fingers, and pain in her neck, back, and shoulders. "My floor mat had gotten stuck behind my pedals so I looked down for a brief second to try and get it out of the way and then I realized that I was headed straight towards the guardrails," she wrote of the experience. "I tried to over correct but it didn't help."

"As soon as I hit the guardrail my airbags came out and because of the airbags and seatbelt the injuries weren't near as bad as they could have been," she said. "But what I do remember is going in and out of consciousness screaming for help and cars just continued to pass. It felt like I had been laying there for at least twenty minutes begging for help."

Eventually, a man stopped and notified the police, she said. "Thank you to the amazing man that stopped and helped me as everyone else was passing," she wrote. "I have no idea who you are but thank you ... I could never repay you for your act of kindness."

The experience was 'horrific'

Savannah Chrisley's car accident was equally traumatic for her father, Todd Chrisley, who told People magazine he "fell to [his] knees]" as soon as he got the phone call about what happened. "The fear was so crippling at that point," he said. "And when I fell to my knees, [my wife] Julie got out of bed and said, 'What's wrong?' I said, 'It's Savannah.' Julie...took the phone and got all the information. I jumped up and threw on some clothes and I got in the car and was at the hospital by the time they got her there. I didn't know anything until I got there, they wouldn't tell us anything over the phone."

"When I got [to the hospital] the doctors took me back and told me she was okay, but that she's been in a very bad car accident and she's got some neck issues, some burns from the airbags, the seatbelt cut into her shoulder and across her chest and that she's experiencing some numbness in her hands," he added. "It was just a horrific experience seeing her lying there. The next five hours they were doing CT scans and blood work...She was there for about 26 hours."

Fortunately, Todd told People his daughter is expected to make a full recovery. Savannah herself even updated her fans on Instagram later in the month with a post captioned, "So happy to be feeling better and out with friends!!"

Was she texting and driving?

After the accident, online bullies went after Savannah, alleging that she was texting while driving and deserved to get into the accident. She denied the accusations.

"It's shocking to me how people can look at a situation and say, 'Oh, she was texting or she was [doing] this or that,' but they have no idea what was going on," she told People. "They somehow want to blame my parents and say, 'She deserves it, she had it coming.'"

She went on to say the the speculation that she was texting was unfair, and that she felt it was based on stereotypes about he upbringing that people have made based on what they see on the show and social media. "People say hurtful things like that," Chrisley continuted. "It hurts my dad and mom because the situation could have ended a lot differently. So for them to say negative comments, that's so uncalled for."

She then said "there was no texting involved," a denial that her dad backed up on CNN when he claimed that Savannah is still on his cell phone plan, and he could see that her last text was "48 minutes before she actually had an accident." 

Faith over fear

Savannah Chrisley debuted her own clothing line for HSN in July 2017. According to People, she named the line Faith Over Fear, which she said is "just something that I have lived by for awhile now."

"I feel like so many people, especially my generation and younger, we let our fear consume us so much that we just don't purse our dreams," Chrisley said. She used the inspirational phrase, along with a few others, to personalize her line by handwriting the messages, then having them attached to the pieces in different ways.

"Little words can truly change your day so that's how I incorporated it," she told People. Not surprisingly, her entrepreneurial dad was completely on board. "He loves all of the pieces I have in the line. I just love all the fabrics and so does he. So he's extremely happy with it," Chrisley said. 

She's no sore loser

In October 2015, Savannah Chrisley was crowned Miss Tennessee Teen USA. The magnanimous beauty queen took to Instagram to celebrate her win, where she wrote, "Any one of these girls could have won the crown!" She then thanked her supporters and called her fellow pageant contestants her "sister queens." 

In January 2016, Savannah was just as gracious in defeat when she represented the state of Tennessee in the annual Miss Teen USA pageant. According to E! Online, she made it to the semi-finals of the pageant but was eliminated before the top 5. The youngster took her loss in stride by posting a picture of herself hugging fellow contestant Carissa Morrow from Texas. "And this is a friendship that will last a lifetime ... I may have not taken home the crown but I sure did take home one heck of a friend!!" she wrote on Instagram. Talk about making a graceful exit.

College rules

Given the sometimes, uh, overbearing personality her dad often displays on Chrisley Knows Best, it probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that his daughter is enjoying life away from home at college. Part of that had to do with some uncharacteristically chill advice Savannah Chrisley got from dear old dad. "[He] told me I need to have at least a 3.0 GPA or pay my own way," Chrisley told Hello! in 2015. That had to be somewhat of a relief for the academic achiever, who is said to have graduated high school a year early thanks to her A+ average.

After her freshman year, Chrisley told People magazine, "I mean, honestly for me, being on my own is awesome. ... It's just given me a chance to come into who I truly am. I just really do love being by myself. That's just kind of my personality. Doing things by myself and not having my dad all up in my business is pretty awesome! I love him to death, but sometimes he's just got to let go a little bit."

Savannah initially enrolled at Lipscomb University, in Nashville, Tenn. but transferred to nearby Belmont University, so she can "explore the school's music business programs."

She used to be shy. Wait, when?

Savannah Chrisley says was just 15 years old when the Chrisley Knows Best experience began. Looking back on her family's overnight success, she admitted to USA Today that being thrust into the spotlight at such a young age was challenging. "That's the age when you start trying to figure who you are ... so it was a lot of change at once and that was really difficult," she said. 

"It's caused me to grow up a lot faster, which has its pros and cons. I've come a long way since the show started. At the beginning of the show, I was actually kind of shy." Given the starlet's aforementioned experience with beauty pageants, that last part is a little hard to swallow, but we're glad she's gotten used to the fame. 

She's trying to juggle it all

Between reality shows, college, a clothing line, and beauty pageants, one wouldn't be out of place to ask: how the heck is she balancing everything in her life, especially at such a young age? As it turns out, she's still trying to figure that out, much like most of her peers. 

"I'm not necessarily the most organized person in the world," she told USA Today. "My life is just really hectic and I'm constantly running. Thank goodness I don't need much sleep because I don't normally get much sleep. School has always been my No. 1 priority. We made sure that everyone who works on the show knows that so I make sure I do have time to go to class and get my school work done."

Sorry fellas, she's taken. Again.

For around two years, Savannah Chrisley dated her on-again, off-again boyfriend, country singer Blaire Hanks. That relationship was initially a tough pill for Todd to swallow, as witnessed on the show, but he was put out of his misery when Savannah announced in January 2017 that it was over for good. 

That is, until she started seeing NBA player Luke Kennard. Todd initially approved of the pro baller, calling him "a good, decent, honest, honorable young man." Todd would eat those words a few months later after a sketchy breakup that had Savannah saying she "dodged a bullet" by getting out of it, and Todd lamenting his daughter's high profile romances by saying, "I don't think you should ever put all your business on the front porch for everybody to see."

Unfortunately for Todd, as of this writing, Savannah is in another tabloid-fodder fling with NHL player Nic Kerdiles, who she literally cannot stop posting sweet snaps of on her Instagram.    

Hopefully Todd can manage his blood pressure on this one. After all, Savannah revealed in March 2016 that she reassured her dad by saying (via People), "You know, heck, I go to church every Sunday, and my boyfriend and I have said: 'If God's not in the center of your relationship, then it's never going to truly work out.' So my dad's definitely learned to trust me with it."

You wouldn't like her when she's angry

Though Savannah Chrisley tries hard to keep her head above the fray — She once told ECO 18, "Others' happiness is what makes my day." — she's gotten into a few online scuffles that showed she's not afraid to get the claws out when she needs to. Not surprisingly, both of these incidents involve boy drama, because what's any good social media beef without that?

First — and follow us here if you can — Chrisley got into it with her then-boyfriend, Blaire Hanks' ex-wife, Brittany, over a comment that Brittany's mother posted on a photo of the couple. According to Hollywood Life, Chrisley then allegedly deleted her angry responses to her man's ex's mom and said she "shouldn't have let someone get me to their level."

But Chrisley did bad all on her own when she apparently went after actress Bella Thorne over what she thought was the former Disney star overtly flirting with Chandler Parsons, an NBA player with whom Chrisley had been previously romantically linked. According to E! News, in once-again deleted messages, Chrisley supposedly dragged Thorne's outfit, then reposted a quote that alluded to her relationship with Parsons.

The shadiest part of it all? After playing extremely coy about it in an Access Hollywood interview, Chrisley adamantly denied that she and Parsons were ever an item. Sound the drama alarm, ya'll. And while you're at it, go ahead and check Todd's pulse.