The Weirdest Celeb Artifacts Sold On Ebay

It's not too difficult to get your own piece of a celebrity. Talismans of the famous are available in the form of autographs, screen-used props, and every manner of object which may have been in the presence of a Hollywood idol. Some objects are far stranger and grosser than others, but the lust to brush against fame is too powerful for some to ignore. Here are a few questionable celebrity artifacts that have changed hands over the years.

Corey Haim's Teeth and Hair

Corey Haim's decrepit, drug-infused molar is one of the earlier examples of weird online celebrity auctions. Haim, experiencing one of his frequent low points, put the molar on eBay after it fell out of his head in 2001. eBay cancelled the auction before it concluded, as trafficking in human body parts is against all kinds of perfectly sensible laws, but Haim took the molar, as well as clumps of his hair, and sold them on a more disgusting website for an undisclosed amount.

Justin Timberlake's French Toast, $3,154

Collectible food is never a great investment. That special edition box of Star Wars Life cereal isn't going to pay anyone's way through college, nerd. So, when a 19-year old NSYNC fan with more money than brains purchased Justin Timberlake's breakfast leftovers for over $3,000 from radio station Z100, it's doubtful that she was thinking too far into the future. The upside of the ridiculous purchase is that the money went to charity, and the auction included Timberlake's fork and plate, so at least something remotely useful came out of the senseless purchase.

Brangelina Breath, $523

Despite being utterly unprovable and also invisible, a jar that was purported to possibly contain a molecule or two of the carbon dioxide exhaled by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was purchased by someone with too much money, and not enough brains. While neither Pitt nor Jolie actually had any contact with the jar, were aware of the jar's presence, or even breathed into the jar directly, it was enough for one desperately weird soul to own air that was once maybe near the celebrity couple, failing to realize the most basic principles of physics. We are all made of stars, and we are all breathing Brangelina breath, always.

Scarlett Johansson's Charity Snot, $5,300

When it comes to charity, you make money where you can get it. When Scarlett Johansson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2008, with a cold that was allegedly given to her by Samuel L. Jackson, she took a televised moment to blow the products of the unholy union into a tissue, seal it up, and auction it to the world's grossest fetishist. The boogers raised over $5,000 for charity, but you probably shouldn't try the same stunt at home. You might think it's funny, but it's snot.

Britney Spears' Egg Salad Sandwich, $520

Weird Britney Spears artifacts have been popping up at auction for many years, but the second grossest Britney item was pilfered from Spears' visit to a hotel in 2006. Britney had left part of an egg salad sandwich on her plate at the hotel restaurant, which the waiter quickly recognized as a museum-worthy artifact and listed it at auction. An egg salad sandwich, on its very best day, smells like a summer sewer, so one can only wonder about the olfactory impressions the sandwich emits today. Regardless, everyone can agree that it's still more useful than Kevin Federline.

Britney Spears' Pregnancy Test, $5,000

When a rancid egg sandwich isn't the grossest thing associated with Britney Spears collectors, you know you're in for some rough stuff. In 2005, someone purchased Spears' used pregnancy test, fished out of a hotel bathroom trashcan, for over $5,000. This artifact beats out multiple wads of chewed gum and all manner of garbage that stalkers have swiped from her apparently trash-strewn property and attempted to sell. Once again, because the world is not a wholly evil place, proceeds from the test went to charity, since people don't seem to realize that they can just give to charities without buying gross stuff.

Willie Nelson's Pigtails, $37,000

In the 1980s, Willie Nelson cut off his braids and gave them to musician Waylon Jennings as a present to celebrate Jennings' freedom from hard drug addiction. But the hirsute handiworks were sold amid a huge collection of personal celebrity effects from Jennings' estate in 2014, which included items from John Lennon, Buddy Holly, and Hank Williams. Amazingly, those two hunks of an old man's hair actually constitute a reputable celebrity artifact—one that wasn't obtained by scrounging for celebrity tissues in the trash of a hotel like a gross freak.

Wil Wheaton's Ping Pong Ball, $1,100

Nerds will be nerds. Because Wil Wheaton is the space-kid that everyone wanted to be on Star Trek: The Next Generation, palling around with Picard and getting whisked away on alien adventures, his nerd legacy remains strong today. When he started selling junk on eBay so he could clear out his garage for more nerd things, he listed a busted ping pong ball with an elaborate backstory... which rapidly climbed to $1,100. And because Wheaton is forever an ambassador of goodwill through the universe, the proceeds went to charity.

William Shatner's Kidney Stone, $25,000

Wil Wheaton isn't the only Trek alumnus to get in on auctioning weird crap for charity. Shatner collapsed while filming Boston Legal in 2005 and was rushed to the hospital to remove a large kidney stone, which according to Shatner, was large enough to set in a fancy ring. After Shatner convinced doctor to give him the nephrolith, it was purchased by Golden Palace, known for buying weird celeb junk, who called it "a bold new addition to their fleet." That quote alone is worth the $25,000 selling price.

Lady Gaga's Fake Fingernail, $13,000

While it's more like a reputable stage-used prop than "a part of Lady Gaga that happened to fall off," the performer's fake fingernail was found backstage after an event in 2013, and sold for $13,000. If you think fingernails aren't gross, think again. They harbor all kinds of illness-causing bacteria, and fake nails are even worse for your health. Enjoy your Gaganorrhea, dude.