Here's How Much Gwen Stefani Is Really Worth

As Gwen Stefani prepares to marry her fiancé Blake Shelton, Us Weekly reported on Jan. 7, 2021, that the singer's annulment from ex-husband Gavin Rossdale (they divorced in 2015) has officially been accepted by the Catholic church. The outlet noted that she needed this annulment so she could marry the country star in a church. Now that it was "finally granted," the couple can move on with their wedding plans, which will reportedly take place early this year on "the grounds of his Oklahoma ranch."

Stefani and Shelton, who met and fell in love during their time on The Voice, have reportedly settled their prenup. "They have been in prenup talks for a few months," a source claimed to Us Weekly in November after the pair's engagement. "The process has been extremely hiccups, or outrageous demands." The insider added, "She just can't afford to not have it with Blake." With a net worth like Stefani's, we understand why she'd want to protect her hard-earned money.

Keep on scrolling to find out how much the pop star is really worth and what brings bring her the most money. (FYI: It's not her music career.)

Gwen Stefani's has a $100 million side hustle

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gwen Stefani is worth $150 million, with much of her earnings coming from her successful career as a talented singer and TV personality. However, as it turns out, her side hustle brings her the most money as the site estimates her clothing line L.A.M.B. — which stands for "Love. Angel. Music. Baby" — is worth around $90 million. Wow.

In addition to her work in show business, which includes performing for the band No Doubt in the late nineties and early 2000s and her role as a judge on NBC's The Voice, Stefani runs an entire fashion label, which has released everything from perfumes, eyewear, and dolls. She also collaborated with the makeup company Urban Decay in 2016, which ultimately led her to launch her own cosmetics line in 2018, according to Elle.

But, wait there's more: Stefani has also launched her very own Las Vegas residency and collaborated with her fiancé Blake Shelton on a few country songs. All in all, Stefani's impressive net worth has solidified her place as one of the wealthiest female pop stars in the world.