Elizabeth Taylor's Grandson Looks Exactly Like The Legend

Some celebrity parents and their kids basically look like twins (*waves at Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe*). And when the family genes are particularly strong, some celeb kids end up looking a lot like their well-known grandparents, as well. If you're amazed by how much Goldie Hawn, Kirk Douglas, and Grace Kelly's grandkids look like their famous relatives, then you'll definitely be intrigued by the late Elizabeth Taylor's grandson, Quinn Tivey.

The son of Taylor's daughter, Liza Todd, and artist Hap Tivey, Quinn was born in 1986 and grew up admiring his iconic grandmother. "I always knew her as grandma, but in her real life, she was still larger than life," he said in 2019, according to The Morning Show. "She was an amazing matriarch."

Even though Quinn wasn't raised in Hollywood, he revealed that before she passed away in 2011, Taylor "would bring [the family] together on the holidays." He explained: "You knew it was something special, especially coming from a rural town where I grew up — it was very different than what I was used to." While his grandmother might have lived a very different life from her grandson, there was one obvious thing they shared: their looks.

You can see Elizabeth Taylor's eyes when you look at her grandson

Elizabeth Taylor wasn't just famous for being an accomplished actress, she was also admired because of her good looks. According to ABC News, Taylor "wasn't just considered the most stunning starlet in Hollywood, but the most beautiful woman in the world." While her grandson, Quinn Tivey, hasn't found the same level of fame as a result of his appearance, he does take after his grandmother in ways that you simply can't deny (and may even envy).

Tivey boasts the same beautiful crown of dark hair that his grandmother had, which frames his fair-toned face and sharp features. That being said, when it comes to the similarities between these two, you surely can't ignore their eyes. Taylor was famous for the striking color of her eyes, which appeared to be violet in certain light (and when she dressed to accentuate the signature shade). While Tivey may not have purple-toned peepers, he certainly did inherit the striking blue stare that his grandmother was known for. However, good looks aren't the only thing the two share. 

Quinn Tivey stuck with the family business

Elizabeth Taylor "made her film debut in One Born Every Minute (1942) and achieved stardom with National Velvet (1944)" before going on to win "Academy Awards for her work in Butterfield 8 (1960) and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1965)," according to Biography. While fans around the world loved watching the actress on the big screen, her grandson, Quinn Tivey, loved watching films with the actress by his side. "We would lay in bed together, watching movies, chatting — she would give me advice," Tivey told The Hollywood Reporter in 2019. "Those are some of the ways I remember her most."

It seems like Taylor's advice about making it in the entertainment industry might have helped seeing as how Tivey's resume is filled with acting and producing gigs. He also graduated with an MFA from the School of Visual Arts and works in New York as an artist. And while Taylor was likely proud of her grandson's professional accomplishments, she would also surely be touched by another way that he's chosen to carry on her legacy. 

Quinn Tivey in carrying on Elizabeth Taylor's legacy

Elizabeth Taylor was an actress, an icon, and an activist which is why, in the 1980s, she used her fame to fight for a good cause. "As ignorance, fear, and prejudice fueled the emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic, Elizabeth simply could not remain quiet," according to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation website. "She used her massive celebrity platform to speak truth to power, exposing the injustice of society's response to the disease." As a show of support, Taylor established the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation 1991. "Her unyielding conviction and passion raised hundreds of millions of dollars, changed the hearts and minds of a generation, and saved countless lives."

Taylor passed away in 2011, but her grandson, Quinn Tivey, has dedicated himself to carrying on her work. In 2016, he became the co-trustee for his grandmother's trust which is behind the foundation. "She committed her life to helping those who might not have had as loud a voice as she had," Tivey told The Morning Show. "The voice and the values that she brought forth in her life is something that we're always trying to carry forth in our work and inspires us every day." He added, "I hope folks will not only remember her amazing career as an actress and a businesswoman, but also as the activist that she was." 

It's clear that, in addition to Taylor's good looks, her grandson also inherited her good heart.