The Baldwin Brothers' Hair Is So Distracting On First Day Of Rust Trial

We object to Alec Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin's disastrous hair! The "Rust " trial has officially commenced, with "The Departed" actor appearing in court on July 10, 2024 for involuntary manslaughter charges. At the center of the trial is a tragic incident that occurred on the set of "Rust" in 2021 after Alec's prop gun shot and injured director Joel Souza and killed cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. Following a thorough investigation, and plenty of lawsuits, officials charged Alec with involuntary manslaughter. He has pleaded not guilty. With the trial beginning, Alec was present in the courtroom, but he wasn't alone. Stephen and Alec's wife, Hilaria Baldwin, showed their support for the actor by joining him in court. A sweet gesture that was quickly overshadowed by the brother's distracting hair (below).

The brotherly duo attempted to look professional with slicked back hair, but they both missed some pieces. Alec's locks, which were combed over to one side, had pieces of hair sticking out on the side that wasn't slicked over. As for Stephen, he has taken on the trendy hairstyle of a mullet. Like his brother, he used gel to comb his hair back, but he either ran out or couldn't reach the back of his head because the bottom of his locks were free to move about in a messy way. The brothers' hair ended made quite the spectacle amid the very serious trial.

Stephen Baldwin's court appearance is a bit surprising

Stephen Baldwin's appearance at the "Rust" trial was a bit of a shock, and not just because of his hair. Stephen and Alec Baldwin haven't had the best relationship in the past couple years. In an interview with CBN in 2018, Stephen, a known Republican and Donald Trump supporter, revealed that politics made it difficult to talk to his older brother. He said, "I still haven't talked to my brother Alec since the election. And I'm cool with that. I love him to death ... That's his choice, and he plays Trump on 'SNL,' great. Is it funny? Yeah. But it goes too far..." Still, Stephen seemed to put those feelings aside when the "Rust" shooting happened.

In October 2021, in the wake of the tragic accident, "The Usual Suspects" star shared an Instagram post, saying, "Asking for prayers tonight friends not much can be said other than please pray for all involved in the tragic in the wake of this tragic accident thank you." Since then, Stephen hasn't been that vocal about what went down with his brother on the "Rust" set. But, Stephen just made it loud and clear that he will always have Alec's back no matter by accompanying his brother to court.