Treat Williams' Autopsy Report Has Some Devastating Details

The late actor Treat Williams' cause of death from his tragic and fatal June 12, 2023 motorcycle accident in Vermont has been revealed. Sadly, we'll have to file this one under disturbing facts discovered in celebrity autopsy results as it contains some pretty devastating details. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, officials determined that Williams succumbed to serious injuries that caused "severe trauma and blood loss," following an autopsy performed by the New York medical examiner's office.

According to a press release provided by the Vermont State Police (via CBS News) the driver of the vehicle, Ryan Koss, was charged with "grossly negligent operation causing death" in August 2023. In March, Koss pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of negligent driving and was given a one-year deferred sentence and probation with a mandatory community restorative justice program component. Additionally, his driver's license was suspended for one year. Prior to receiving his sentencing, Koss took a moment to address the court and Williams' son, Gill Williams, who was present in the courtroom. "I'm here to apologize and take responsibility for this tragic accident," Koss declared, as reported by the Associated Press

Treat Williams' family takes comfort in his legacy

In January, Treat Williams' family sat down with People and remembered the life of their late family member while also speaking candidly about their grievous loss. "I think because of the suddenness of it, there was absolutely no preparation, so I'm still grappling with the fact that it happened and that he's really gone," Treat's wife of 35 years, Pam Williams, told the publication. "It just feels like such a hole in our family and the fabric of the world. The whole atmosphere feels different."

Fortunately, the family has been able to find solace in the lasting legacy Treat left behind by way of his amazing life and career. "That's something you're very lucky to have if your parent is an artist, especially when they're as prolific as him, because you get to, in many ways, still be with them through that," Treat's surviving son, Gill Williams, said. "Even if it's a character, his heart and his soul are actually present in all of his work." No doubt, the Williams family's grief is felt by many as Treat's life had a lasting impact on many. RIP Treat Williams.