Suri Cruise's College Reveal Serves As Sign She Wants To Escape Tom's Celeb Shadow For Good

Suri Cruise and her father, Tom Cruise, have reportedly been estranged for over a decade. And sadly, it appears that there are no plans for a loving reunion anytime soon. In fact, Suri has picked a college in a city that's as different from Hollywood as you can get.

Despite Suri's super close relationship with Katie Holmes, the teen is swapping The Big Apple for The Steel City, undoubtedly leaving her mom heartbroken. Still, Suri is just like any other normal 18-year-old, excited about branching out into the world and starting a new life at college. She announced where she was heading in a TikTok video posted by a friend at NYC's La Guardia High School, which has since been switched to private, according to Page Six. The video is set to Abbi Sutphen's "Always Remember You" and is captioned "LaG commitment day." In it, Suri and her friends all flashed sweatshirts from their chosen colleges; hers was a deep red with "Carnegie Mellon" emblazoned across the front in white letters.

According to the CMU website, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based facility is "a community of one-of-a-kind minds united by a passion to make the world a better place for everyone." It's celebrated for its technological studies and dedication to the arts and prides itself on offering a "liberal-professional" education.

Suri's heading to The Steel City

Tom Cruise likely had no say in where his daughter would study. Tom's relationship with Suri Cruise has been tarnished for years, and he purportedly didn't spend time with her on her 18th birthday, something she's reputedly more than happy about. "Suri will not have any contact with her father, despite being 18, and even if he called, she would not answer," a source claimed to the Daily Mail. "He does not exist to Katie or Suri, and his daughter does not want to rely on him for anything. She feels that she has one parent, and that is her mother."

Suri reportedly wants to study fashion, and creativity runs in the family. "My mom is an incredible quilter, and one of my sisters is an art teacher, so I grew up with that," Holmes told InStyle in July 2022. "I've always wanted Suri to feel empowered [in that way] too." 

The always fashion-forward mom also revealed how her daughter has always had her own instinct for fashion. "I've saved some things here and there," Holmes told The Sunday Times in June 2024 when asked if she would pass on any of her impressive wardrobe to her only child. But she has her own sense of style and her own expressions." Still, that doesn't mean that Suri is above borrowing the odd item or two. "Sometimes the basics definitely disappear," Holmes admitted. "But that's fine."