The Devastating Reason Donald Trump Thinks Barron Handles The Spotlight So Well

In the Trump family, Barron Trump stands out — not just because he's freakishly tall and making everyone question Donald Trump's height — but because he is also the most elusive of the bunch. Sure, up until recently, Barron was just a kid, but it's clear that the youngest Trump hates the public spotlight regardless. Even as the soon-to-be college freshman grows up and starts showing his face more, Donald acknowledged it's not because Barron wants to, but because he feels like he has to. After he graduated from high school in May 2024, many expected Barron to be more visible. Some even thought that he would make his first political move as the Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention.

However, the Office of Melania Trump confirmed in a statement: "While Barron is honored to have been chosen as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, he regretfully declines to participate due to prior commitments," (via NPR). But, according to the young man's dad, this doesn't mean Barron is dodging politics completely. In fact, Donald insists he's just warming up at the moment. "He does like politics. It's sort of funny," the former president shared on "Kayal and Company," on Philadelphia's Talk Radio 1210 WPHT (via The Hill). "He'll tell me sometimes, 'Dad, this is what you have to do.'" In terms of dealing with the public, though, Donald confessed to Dr. Phil that Barron is only doing it to appease him.

Barron Trump is only dealing with being in the public eye for his father's sake

Despite many speculating that Donald Trump is jealous of Barron Trump, he took time out of his interview with Dr. Phil to defend his youngest son. When the host asked how Barron handled public criticism from a young age, the controversial politician divulged that he is only enduring it to help him out. "It's not easy. He's a great kid — he's a good student, got accepted to different colleges [...] He doesn't say it, because he doesn't want to hurt me — but it has to affect my family and I think that's really very unfair," Donald revealed (via X, formerly known as Twitter), going on to say that he wished all the negativity was aimed solely at him.

"I have a very good family; I have good kids, and a wonderful wife — it's not easy for her to read some of this fake stuff. It affects me more than it would if it was just about me. I wish it could be just about me," he bemoaned. But Donald has no real need to worry about Barron since Melania Trump reportedly won't shed her helicopter mom ways even when he heads off to college, and will continue fiercely protecting her son accordingly until he graduates. "Melania will keep her hand on Barron's future just as much going forward as she has throughout his early and current school years," a source informed People. "He is her world."