Dr. Phil Made His Political Views Crystal Clear Ahead Of Donald Trump Interview

Dr. Phil McGraw scored an interview with Donald Trump, so he had to agree to provide a safe space for the former president to spout off, right? After Trump became a convicted felon, his first stop was Fox News, where the network indulged him with a friendly interview. On X, formerly known as Twitter, journalist Aaron Rupar also observed that the pre-taped sit-down had been edited a great deal. It remains to be seen whether McGraw will lob a bunch of softballs at Trump when he speaks to him, but the ex-psychologist did throw "The Apprentice" host a pretty juicy bone to gnaw on ahead of their June 6 chat.

McGraw shared a video clip on X in which he says a few things that Trump would likely nod along with. But the former trial consultant prefaced the footage from his show, "Dr. Phil Primetime," by writing in part, "I don't advocate voting for one candidate over another." What McGraw does advocate for is President Joe Biden intervening on his political opponent's behalf. McGraw also suggests that Trump's conviction was the fault of the Biden administration's machinations, not the reality show star's criminal activity. "The current administration could and should do the right thing. Dismiss now, even now, post-conviction of a political opponent," McGraw pleads. He believes this would help the country return to normalcy. McGraw has also revealed one of the issues he'll press Trump on during their interview.

Dr. Phil will ask Donald Trump not to be vengeful

On his show, Dr. Phil McGraw suggested that prosecuting politicians puts America at risk of becoming a "banana republic," adding, "What are we going to do next? Have a Putin poisoning posse?" Of course, many would argue that putting politicians on trial when there's evidence that they committed a crime ensures that no one is above the law.

At least McGraw isn't suggesting that different rules should apply to Donald Trump if he's elected president again. Speaking to TMZ, the doc said that he plans on begging Trump not to abuse the legal system. "The last thing we need is retribution and revenge," he said, later adding, "That could be the absolute end of this country as we know it."

McGraw might not count himself among the celebs who can't stand Trump, but he has said some things about the real estate tycoon that he might not want a vengeful chief of state to remember. While speaking to top Trump foe Jimmy Kimmel on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in 2015, McGraw took a jab at Trump's troubling hair. "He's got a dead cat on his head," he quipped. He also said, "I think at some point, he's gonna have to replace some of his adjectives with verbs." McGraw will get to learn firsthand whether Trump took his advice during their interview, which will air June 6 at 8:00 PM ET on McGraw's broadcasting network, Merit Street Media.