Alina Habba's Most Tasteless Outfits Since Becoming Trump's Attorney

Alina Habba shot into the media spotlight when she became one of Donald Trump's main lawyers after joining his legion of legal eagles in September 2021. Habba has been in court with Donald for two of her judicially beleaguered client's civil trials — both of which he lost — and she's made a name for herself as an unconventional and somewhat bizarre attorney. However, inside the halls of justice, she's all business, but once she throws down her briefcase and takes off her pinstripe power suit, a whole new Habba appears — and it's a Habba who's a lot more gaudy, flashy, and ready to party.

Since becoming a MAGA insider, Habba's transformation has been a staggering sight to see. She looks more like a Palm Beach socialite by the day, and Habba's remarkable makeover has even sparked rumors of her having cosmetic and or plastic surgery. Some conspiracists even theorize she's done so to look more like Melania Trump (who's closer to Habba than you'd think) and other family members. A post on X, formerly Twitter, from November 2023 claimed Habba had undergone a "plastic transformation to look like a mixture of Ivanka and Melania."

Still, unlike Melania, Habba's dress sense, outside of work, can be a little, well, tasteless. Meanwhile, the former FLOTUS, love her or loathe her, rarely puts a stylish foot wrong — aside from the whole "I really don't care, do u?" fiasco. We're taking a look at some of Habba's most tasteless outfits since becoming Donald's attorney.

Habba's Memorial Day near-naked tribute honoring the USA's fallen heroes

One of the top contenders for Alina Habba's most tasteless outfits since becoming Trump's attorney has to be her May 2024 Memorial Day near-naked get-up. For non-US residents, Memorial Day is a federal holiday to honor and remember members of the U.S. military who died while serving their country. So, some may think it is a time for reflection and commemoration. Well, not so much.

Memorial Day also marks the unofficial start of summer, so for many in the U.S., it's an excuse to throw slabs of meat on the BBQ and down a keg or two of Bud. Usually, however, government officials or those close to them tend to refrain from partying (at least on camera). Habba is definitely not one of them. "God bless the men and women who give the ultimate sacrifice serving this country for us all. Happy Memorial Day," she captioned a carousel on Instagram that included a near-naked pic of her in a white throw-over and straw hat, a grinning selfie with a Trump cap-clad pal, a video of her whizzing down a zip line, and a photo of (presumably) one of her three kids playing golf.

"Hot mama all the way down to the toe," an Insta-following fan salivated in the comments section, along with a heart-eyed emoji. "God bless America," they concluded with a U.S. flag emoji.

Habba's pink Christmas gift that kept giving

Alina Habba definitely wasn't dreaming of a white Christmas in December 2023. Instead, it would seem, she had spent all of her time during the run-up to the holiday season thinking up a tasteless outfit to wear to a special event with her friends. "They forgot to tell me to wear black," Habba captioned a photo on Instagram of her standing in front of a huge and ornately decorated Christmas tree in a bright pink thigh-skimming mini dress with a latticed front opened down to the waist.

Although, in fairness, her three friends weren't exactly the picture of tastefulness either. One pal was clad in a crossover chest-baring velvet jumpsuit, while another was in a crop top and hip-hugging long skirt. The third, who just so happened to be Habba's close pal and partner in crime, figuratively speaking, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Siggy Flicker, was wearing some see-through white lace creation with a black bustier underneath and a big lacy tie-type thing hanging down the front, paired with black pants and a Chanel purse (natch).

"90% of American men are in love with you," a big Habba fan wrote in the comments section, a claim we're pretty confident is a completely unsubstantiated "alternative fact."

Habba's extremely inappropriate Second Amendment attire

Nothing says the right to bear arms more than a backless fluorescent neon pink silk jumpsuit. Alina Habba was dressed in precisely that for a visit to the firing range in September 2023, which many might consider to be a somewhat tasteless and extremely inappropriate outfit to wear while exercising your Second Amendment rights in a shooting gallery.

"God [cross emoji] Country [U.S. flag emoji] & Guns [water pistol emoji]," she captioned a carousel of pics on Instagram, the first of which showed off one of her best features as she bent over the gun range bench in her silky tight jumpsuit, the second was a copy of the target card, showing three hits within the ten round bullseye, and the third, a copy of a cartoonish "felon" pointing a gun with two bullet holes to the chest. Not surprisingly, the MAGA crowd went wild. "Well that's an incredible view," wrote one. "Full Package. Beauty. Brains. Body. Never misses a shot!!!!!" gushed pal Siggy Flicker.

Habba is a huge supporter of gun rights. "Love myself a little 2nd Amendment action," she captioned an April 2024 video of her shooting. Yet again, her fans were there for it. "This here is the Female American representation that I want for us!! Smart, beautiful, tough, elegant, classy, fighter with respect, educated, (smart and educated are 2 different qualities) and our girl knows how to shoot!!!" a commenter fangirled.

Habba's St. Jude's charity designer disaster

Alina Habba chose a particularly tasteless outfit for a February 2024 fundraiser. The sleeveless and strapless ruffled purple sateen wrap-around mini dress that she squeezed into for a St. Jude's charity event she attended made even Kimberly Guilfoyle's black and gold sequined shift look tasteful (ish) in comparison when they posed together for a pic.

According to Mia Bella The Label, Habba's Nicole Bakti designer dress "will put you in the spotlight anytime." The sales site explains that "the dress fits tightly on its wearer and reveals an alluring display of shoulder skin and beautiful legs." Best of all? It can be yours for the bargain price of just $475.

Habba posted a selection of photos from the night's festivities on Instagram. "Proud of @pscardigs @ryanshager @erictrump and the entire Curetivity team for another great event for St. Judes @curetivityfoundation," she captioned the snaps. Her dogged dedication to going all out in the tasteless outfit stakes in the name of a good cause didn't go unnoticed by her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. "Alina, always dressed to the 9's," one wrote along with a laughing emoji and a whole load of flames. "Habba habba," gushed another with a winking emoji.

Habba's skin-tight leather leggings and over-the-knee stiletto boots

Alina Habba left nobody in any doubt regarding her political allegiances when she posted a pic of herself standing on a covered hay bale waving a gigantic blue flag emblazoned with "Trump 2024 Take America Back" in huge white letters while making a victory sign with her left hand. "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN," she captioned the October 2022 Instagram photo, which included two U.S. flag emojis.

Still, it's likely that many of Habba's Instagram followers, and most definitely at least a couple of the guys who can be seen gawping at her in the background of the pic, didn't even notice the gargantuan banner in her right hand. Most prominent of all was what some might call one of Habba's most tasteless outfits that she's worn since becoming one of Donald Trump's attorneys. The legal pro was dressed in a pair of skintight — and we mean skintight — shiny leather leggings that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She paired them with a pair of light brown suede over-the-knee stiletto high-heel boots that were, once again, skintight. She finished off the look with a white and brown check shirt.

Habba's legion of loyal followers were quick to show their appreciation for her va-va-voom look — albeit not too imaginatively. "Make America Hot Again!" one wrote. "Right?!!! Hot maga mama!" another commented.