Inside Reba McEntire's Incredibly Lavish Life

Considering how long Reba McEntire has been in the entertainment industry, it's no wonder she's super rich and lives a lavish life. Some outlets peg McEntire's net worth at a whopping $95 million. Her country music career didn't have a glamorous beginning but McEntire went on to become a multi-award-winning singer and star in the eponymous sitcom "Reba" for six years. The powerhouse vocalist didn't just stop there. McEntire acted in the CBS show "Young Sheldon" and is one of the judges for "The Voice." The "Forever Love" singer shared on Masterclass, "Work ethic — it started years ago when I was growing up on an 8,000-acre cattle ranch. Work ethic and professionalism go hand in hand. If you work hard, if you really work hard and set your mind on something, you're going to be successful."

But McEntire isn't all work and no play. She spends her hard-earned money on glamorous vacations and some well-deserved self-care. The "Fancy" singer also doesn't skimp on fashion and can be seen in high-end designer pieces while critiquing singers on "The Voice" or on the red carpet. With McEntire's cushy bank account, she certainly can afford to do so!

Reba McEntire lived in some fancy digs

Although she's a country girl at heart, it makes sense that Reba McEntire has a house in Los Angeles with all her television duties. The Beverly Hills mansion she lived in for 12 years with her now ex-husband Narvel Blackstock boasted six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a wine cellar, according to Wide Open Country. As for the exterior, the house came with a pool, tennis courts, and a guest house. McEntire initially purchased the sprawling estate for $9 million and scored big when it sold for around $22 million in 2015 amid her divorce from Blackstock.

Two years later, McEntire sold her Tennessee mansion for $5 million to a man who had hopes of turning the estate into an event space, Taste of Country reported. This impressive home had seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, a private theater, an outdoor swimming pool, and a barn for equestrians. Now called The Estate at Cherokee Dock, guests can rent the venue for weddings and corporate events. It has been renovated to offer eight bedrooms, each named after an iconic country singer. And of course, one is called The Reba Suite.

One of Reba McEntire's hobbies is going on luxurious vacations

Reba McEntire knows when it's time to take a vacation, and when she does, she goes in style. In 2016, she splurged on a scenic train ride with friends and family to see the Canadian Rockies, during which they drank mimosas and learned about the area. McEntire took plenty of pictures along the way and told Aol, "It's my only hobby other than vacationing." Two years later, the "Forever Love" star embarked on a trip to South Africa with some pals. "What an incredible vacation with a wonderful group of people! We sure do love South Africa!" she shared on Facebook.

It appears McEntire loves to travel to Italy. The singer-songwriter posted a 2017 Facebook picture of herself with a cartload of suitcases and wrote, "Do you think I'm taking too much luggage to Italy? I couldn't make up my mind." She went back in 2023 and shared a pic of her enjoying the local sights. "Had a great day in Naples visiting the National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa!" she shared on Instagram. "She goes to Italy a lot," a fan noted. Hey, if we had big bucks like McEntire, we would too.

Reba McEntire tours in style

Every musician knows that touring is an unglamorous part of the job, but Reba McEntire tries to make it as luxe as possible. Back then, she traveled with her team in a trailer dubbed "Big Red," which included a kitchen, king-sized bed, a full bathroom, and bunk beds. Her drummer Tommy Harden gave fans a glimpse of the touring life during McEntire and Kelly Clarkson's "2 Worlds 2 Voices Tour" in a 2008 YouTube video. While Big Red wasn't shown, there were several large tour buses in the parking, with one including a small galley, a sitting area with a table, and 12 bunk beds. We're sure McEntire's bus was more spruced up, but the space looked pretty comfy, if a bit tight.

McEntire's preferred mode of travel is by air, and she shared with Jetset Magazine that she owned her own private plane. "We have a Phenom. But when we're going cross-country, it's more economical to fly commercial. Our plane works great when we're touring and need flexibility on our schedule. I haven't had a bus of my own since 1989," she shared. Owning a plane is not just for comfort but for practical reasons as well. "It's lengthened my career by a decade. Because of having a plane, I can do so many more things to promote my career in between the jobs I have. Plus, it allowed me to do my concerts and fly home after the show," McEntire added.

Reba McEntire has worn countless expensive designer clothes

If it were up to Reba McEntire, she'd be in her favorite denim and tee all day, every day. "If I had to wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it'd be jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater. And boots, gotta have my boots," she told Country Living. Alas, as a celebrity, she needs to dress up and when she does, you bet her clothes are top-of-the-line. During "The Voice" Season 25, McEntire has been seen in a black and red Roberto Cavalli dress that retails for over $7,400. She also donned a sparkly Libertine blazer that cost $4,250.

McEntire went the Roberto Cavalli route again during the 2024 American Country Music Awards with a pair of sheer lacy pants with fringe detailing that goes for $3,634. Despite her love of expensive designer duds, McEntire offers more affordable clothes through her Dillard's line. "I wore some wild things I probably shouldn't have worn. I've also worn some very expensive clothes which just weren't real comfortable for me. I found that clothes don't have to be very expensive," she told The Boot. We love a down-to-earth star who mixes high and low pieces.

Reba McEntire has a six-figure beauty regimen

Apparently, it takes a lot of money to look as good as Reba McEntire. A source revealed to Radar that the country crooner spends over $100,000 a year to keep up with her youthful appearance. "She has a beauty ritual that would rival even Kim Kardashian's and is proud of the fact she looks decades younger than her actual age. She owes it to weekly facials, body wraps, hot saunas, and other spa treatments. Reba buys the best cleansers, moisturizers, and serums money can buy, including spending thousands a month on skincare products," the insider revealed.

Good news for fans who want to emulate McEntire's glow — one of her favorite moisturizers Watercress Hydration Cascade by Farmhouse Fresh and it only retails for about $43. "I apply before makeup and right after cleansing at night," she told Closer. "I do a Hydra-Facial to give my skin an extra hug of plumpness," McEntire shared. Whatever the "Only In My Mind" singer is doing, it sure is working as she looked flawless during her 2024 Super Bowl performance.