Lara Trump's Outfit Stood Out Like A Sore Thumb At Donald's NY Trial

It's not every day that you have to choose an outfit for a historical special occasion. But Lara Trump was faced with this clothing quandary when she decided to attend the trial that would determine whether or not her father-in-law would become the first former American president convicted of a felony.

Lara showed up to support Donald Trump in Manhattan two days before he was found guilty on 34 felony charges, and she picked out an outfit that made her stand out from the other members of the family who joined her. Lara's sister-in-law, Tiffany Trump, opted for a somber all-black ensemble, and the Trump men wore dark suits. Lara, however, chose a jumpsuit with a cinched waist. It harked back to one of Melania Trump's most inappropriate outfits, as it was "I really don't care, do u?" green. Lara wore it with a brown skinny belt to further accentuate her slender frame. Her other accessories included a large gold watch and emerald stud earrings. Neither Melania nor Ivanka Trump joined the family to show off their courtroom style –or to show solidarity with Donald on the day that closing arguments in his hush-money trial took place. 

While the Trumps were speaking to the media outside the courtroom, Lara left only two of her jumpsuit's buttons fastened. But when she was photographed inside the building, she had three buttons done up. Perhaps she had a reason for slightly altering her look. 

Eric Trump's trifling complaint about the courtroom

Maybe Lara Trump slightly altered her look by fastening an additional button because it was so chilly inside the courtroom. When trying to drum up sympathy for his father ahead of the closing arguments, Lara's husband, Eric Trump, told reporters, "I'm proud to have stood there every single second by his side in that freezing cold courtroom." In response to his complaint, one observant netizen tweeted, "Your wife Lara Trump was wearing even less than you in the same court and never complained."

Based on a comment Eric made in the past, it seems that Lara was wearing one of Donald Trump's favorite colors. When trying to make the argument that Donald is not racist during a 2018 appearance on "Fox & Friends," Eric said, "My father sees one color: Green." Luckily, Kermit is American-born, so he doesn't have to worry about being deported during a second Trump presidency.

Joking aside, Eric was actually talking about money, which is something that had been on Lara's mind during Donald's trial. The RNC co-chair appeared to have on the same green jumpsuit when she appeared on NBC News and assured MAGA donors that their money wasn't being wasted. "Trust me, I am the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump. I will ensure that every penny of every dollar is going to causes that Republican voters care about," she said.

Lara Trump's failed attempt at making green great again

One of Lara Trump's most inappropriate outfits was also green: a mini dress covered in peacock feathers that brought to mind her husband's hobby of hunting various animals. She wore the garish garment during a February 2024 visit to Mar-a-Lago. In a photo Lara shared on Instagram, it can be seen playing a game of visual tug-of-war with the beach club's fussy gold decor. 

It's a good thing Lara's father-in-law only sees green, as former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has claimed that Donald didn't have the highest opinion of Lara back in the day. "Not only did Donald make fun of her looks, but so, of course, did Don and Ivanka," Cohen said on the "Political Beatdown" podcast. He added that Donald once saw Lara on TV and didn't even realize he was watching his daughter-in-law adulate him.

If green really is a color that Donald is fond of, wearing it is one way to ensure that he pays attention to Lara when she needs him to. But perhaps the peacock feathers weren't the best choice — they might remind Donald of the mascot for NBC, the former home of his reality competition "The Apprentice." It's also where Donald gets roasted by late-night host Seth Meyers. Oh, and the network's streaming service, aptly named Peacock, is where the documentary "Stormy" aired. It paints a sympathetic picture of the woman at the center of Donald's hush-money trial, Stormy Daniels.