Chip & Joanna Gaines' First HGTV Appearance In Years Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

It's been several years since HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines leveraged the success of their show, "Fixer Upper," into their own television network, dubbed the Magnolia Network, which has kept a steady set of checks rolling in for them and the impressive slate of chefs, demolition experts, and DIY'ers, who also call the network home. And while the entrepreneurial couple have kept the "Fixer Upper" franchise alive over at their new home, they've teamed back up at their former HGTV stomping ground to give their OG fans "Fixer Upper: The Lakehouse." This newest installment of their beloved format, which is meant to celebrate the 10-year anniversary since they launched the series, shows the couple renovating their own newly purchased lakehouse in Waco, Texas.

The six-episode series, which will also air on the Magnolia Network and Discovery+, premiered on June 2. Ahead of the premiere, the spouses took to Instagram to remind fans when and where they could tune in and the response was refreshingly positive. "Ok I just watched the Lake House on Magnolia app and I'm officially addicted! Fixer is just my 'happy place' lol I think I'm gonna rewatch it a 2nd time..." commented one fan. "I'm so happy you're back on HGTV again," wrote another. Meanwhile, another fan complimented their design choices. "You could not have picked out better colors. Avocado Green, Yellows, Beiges, etc. PERFECT. The 70's are coming back strong and I have always loved all the fall colors year around. Can't wait to see the finished home!" they wrote. And Chip and Joanna are equally thrilled!

How Chip and Joanna feel about their HGTV anniversary

Chip and Joanna Gaines left HGTV for several reasons, including scheduling conflicts and creative differences, but they seem pleased to discuss their return to the network that thrust them into superstardom. During an appearance on "Today," the couple happily reflected on some of their most important career milestones. Chip also hilariously pointed out how they'd aged over the years. "Look at us ... a baby. I feel like these presidential scenarios to where you know these guys go into office, and then four years later, look like they're 200 years old," said Chip. "And I feel like we look like babies, and now we feel some version of that, to where you feel like... it's created quite the evolution on my face."

However, Chip and Joanna were also happy to highlight the positive changes they've been able to make with "Fixer Upper" since shifting the show to their own network. "The reason why 'Fixer' looks different now and how these seasons have evolved is these seasons truly are this one house where we take it a little slower," Joanna told Variety. The design expert revealed that scaling back the scope of their renovations has allowed her to think as both as designer and a contractor, while enjoying the process along the way. "Before, you didn't get to stop and enjoy anything, you just kept moving. It's 'Fixer,' it's just 'Fixer' evolved." However, she didn't rule out the possibility of ramping things up again.