The Biggest Controversies To Surround Brittany Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes' family has been surrounded by controversy, and his wife is no different. From attempting to profit off of used clothes to spraying fans with sparkling wine, swimming with dolphins, and getting into social media fights over referee bias, Brittany Mahomes has received plenty of backlash from her husband's fans. Over time, she just stopped caring. "It used to [bother me], yes. But not anymore. I could give two s***s about people's opinion of me that don't even know me," she said in an Instagram Q&A (via People).

While she has found herself in hot water for her own actions, the reasons so many people can't stand Brittany appear to be more nuanced. In many instances, it looks like football fans simply find her annoying. One Reddit user had an interesting theory. "Mahomes was successful instantly which pissed off a lot of rival fans but Mahomes had nothing about himself that they could hate on so they chose his wife and his brother," the user wrote, referring to Jackson Mahomes, whom many people also can't stand.

Regardless of why, all the attention caught her by surprise. "At such a young age we were in love and I loved him with all of my heart, but I didn't expect it to skyrocket this soon and us kinda being thrown into the fire like this," she said on Netflix's "Quarterback" (via Fox News). Whether she was prepared or not, Brittany has learned that her actions can quickly land her in controversy.

Brittany Mahomes caught flak for swimming with a dolphin

The Mahomes jetted off to Hawaii in the summer of 2023 to make the best of the warm season. But what was supposed to be a memorable day trip during their vacation turned into yet another controversy involving Patrick Mahomes' wife. That July, Brittany Mahomes uploaded photos of herself and her daughter, Sterling Skye, swimming with and petting a dolphin. "Ever snuggled a 400lbs dolphin?" she captioned the Instagram post (via Fox News). Not everyone shared her enthusiasm.

Brittany's post received a scathing response from PETA. "We know you love companion animals, but we hope to see you extend your compassion to marine life too," the animal rights nonprofit wrote in the comments. PETA highlighted the different conditions dolphins may develop from confinement, including ulcers, and pointed out the risks to humans, who can get a host of infections like salmonella. "These types of interactions are dangerous for them AND us," the organization concluded.

But the backlash wasn't limited to the notoriously radical nonprofit. Regular netizens used social media to criticize Brittany's actions as well. "You might feel differently if you knew how the dolphins were caught. I'll spare you the gruesome photos of the roundup and subsequent slaughter of the ones not 'lucky enough' to just be captured for amusement parks and other dolphin attractions. It's sad," one user wrote on X, previously known as Twitter, in response to someone who defended her. Brittany later deleted the dolphin vacation photo

Brittany Mahomes has been accused of not tipping

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes may live lavish lives, but she reportedly isn't interested in spreading her wealth. At least that's what a former employee of 1 Hotel West Hollywood has claimed. In November 2023, Jessica O'Connor took to TikTok to accuse Brittany of spending close to a week at the hotel and not tipping any staff member. "My first interaction with her, she ran up over a $100 tab. She was with her whole posse — Patrick was not there — but I believe their tab was well over $100, maybe like $130. $0 tip," said the staffer.

The interaction is said to have taken place when Brittany was in Los Angeles shopping for her wedding dress in April 2021 (seen above). O'Connor assumed Brittany disliked her service and brushed it off. But she said Brittany tipped no one during her stay. "Not only did she not tip, she was just genuinely unpleasant," she said. O'Connor's accusations have drawn comparisons between Brittany and Taylor Swift, the girlfriend of Patrick's teammate Travis Kelce.

A month after the clip went viral, the Mirror highlighted that Swift was spotted tipping Gillette Stadium's staff with what looked to be $100 bills. But not everyone agreed with the criticism. "Dont get me wrong, i never want to be in the same place as brittany mahomes but tipping isnt mandatory and going to tiktok to cry about which celebrities didnt tip you is a b***h move," argued an X user.

Brittany Mahomes was criticized for selling used clothes online

Everyone needs to clean out their closet every once in a while. But Brittany Mahomes managed to draw criticism even for that mundane practice. In June 2023, Mahomes confused social media users when she announced on Instagram that she was selling used clothes on Poshmark. "Are there any other celebrities at this level selling their old stuff in Poshmark? Other than stars who have fallen on hard times? Just don't get it at all," one user wrote on Reddit.

While Mahomes' move baffled some, it angered others who saw it as greedy. "If she donated the profits, like some real celebrities, then it would make more sense to sell the items on Posh. Otherwise she would look less tacky by selling the items to an upscale resale shop," another Reddit user argued. Another user pointed out that Mahomes is likely profiting from items she didn't even buy. "She is a 'Social Influencer' so majority of this stuff has been provided to her FREE in the hopes she will wear it and have pictures taken of her."

Some have even guessed she sells items gifted to her, which might soon include the "1989 (Taylor's Version)" limited edition cardigan she received from Taylor Swift in October 2023. "She's going to sell it on poshmark and pretend she didn't get it for free like all the other PR merch she sells," a Reddit user conjectured after Mahomes shared the news to her Instagram Stories. 

Brittany Mahomes sprayed Chiefs fans with champagne

Like every Kansas City Chiefs fan, Brittany Mahomes was ecstatic over the team's overtime victory against the Buffalo Bills in January 2022. But the way she expressed her excitement was ill-received by football fans. Mahomes uncorked a champagne bottle and sprayed the spectators below the box seats. She saw nothing wrong with her actions, taking to X to share a clip of her spontaneous decision. But social media users had plenty to say about it.

Some had issues with her lack of privilege awareness. "Why are you spraying people with champagne FROM A BOX SEAT?!? The optics of spraying people literally below you with a bottle of booze is not great," one tweeted in response. Others criticized her lack of concern for any minors who might have been sprayed. "Sooo what if there were kids in that area or someone who didn't drink alcohol? Also the fact it was colder temperatures there... this is honestly inconsiderate af," tweeted another.

Even after the backlash, Mahomes still felt she had nothing wrong. "I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week," she wrote on X. The situation continued to escalate, reaching the political spheres of Missouri. The hate thrown at Mahomes prompted a response from Missouri's former Secretary of State Jason Kander. "She supports her partner. She celebrates with her fellow Kansas Citians. She is a part of our community. If you don't like @brittanylynne8, that's about you," he tweeted.

Brittany Mahomes' attacks on referees have caused a stir

Brittany Mahomes has no nice things to say about referees, and fans have no nice things to say about her attitude. In October 2020, she took to X to criticize a call when the Chiefs lost to the Las Vegas Raiders. "Everyone wearing black and white on the field today are on the same team," she tweeted. It immediately sparked backlash. "Oh please stop with the excuses!" one user wrote.

She did it again the following month, firing back at a roughing the passer call. "Sorry, you can't touch him," she wrote. By then, fans had learned to expect a reaction. "You're very predictable. I should've taken the bet that there'd be a tweet about that play, tho a penalty WAS called," a user responded. In October 2021, Mahomes blamed the Chiefs' loss against the Bills on refereeing decisions. "Refs are never in our favor," she tweeted.

In October 2022, she drew criticism for tweeting, "WOW just WOW," after a decision to cancel a turnover for roughing the passer. "Your husband cries for these calls every week. Don't get upset when the calls go the other way," a fan tweeted. The criticism hasn't dissuaded Mahomes. In December 2023, she shared a video of the ref adding "MVP" over it, prompting fans to point out what they perceived to be selective memory. "I didn't see her crying about officials when they handed the chiefs of Super Bowl last year," one user tweeted