Ivanka Trump's Response To Donald's Guilty Verdict Is Miles Apart From Her Siblings

In her response to Donald Trump's guilty verdict in his historical hush money case, Ivanka Trump took a much softer approach than her siblings Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. Instead of joining the family discourse about what a raw deal her dad was getting, Ivanka chose to share a gentle reminder that she's more to her father than a cog in the Trump machine.

However, when Ivanka gave her dad a shout-out on Instagram, she did not give him prime placement on her page. Instead, she shared a throwback photo on her Instagram Story that would eventually evaporate into the ether. Young Ivanka was wearing a birthday hat, and a smiling Donald had his arms around her. The family resemblance was uncanny back then, as Ivanka was doing a dead-on imitation of her dad's signature kissy face expression. "I love you dad," she wrote, punctuating her message with a heart emoji.

If Ivanka had her dad's best interests at heart, perhaps her post was actually a smarter move than going to the media and doing damage control — in some minds, it might help humanize Donald and briefly distract from the fact that he's still a convicted criminal. Ivanka also spoke volumes by missing the final day of Donald's trial, where even Tiffany Trump put in an appearance, so maybe the post was her quiet way of letting the world know that she's still in her dad's corner. Her brothers, meanwhile, haven't been nearly as subtle.

Her two oldest brothers have been far more vocal

A source assured Page Six that Ivanka Trump has been in contact with Donald Trump during his trial. The insider also explained why both she and Melania Trump stayed clear of Donald with their physical presence at the Manhattan courtroom, saying, "The trial remains embarrassing for all the Trump women."

But Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were revved up and ready to go after learning their father's fate. Donald Jr. got busy tweeting up a storm on X, formerly known as Twitter. One of his moves was to express his agreement with a tweet from prestigious social media scholar Catturd. Another was to write, "Guilty on all counts. The Democrats have succeeded in their years long attempt to turn America into a third-world s***hole. November 5 is our last chance to save it."

Donald Jr. also appeared to have tears in his eyes in a video shared by the Independent. In it, he was ranting about how some Republicans don't show proper fealty to his father. On his Rumble series "Triggered," he was more angry than sad, saying that the GOP should "retaliate" against those who have tried to hold his father accountable if Donald is elected president again. As for Eric, he too used his father's old favorite social media stomping ground to weigh in on the guilty verdict. "May 30th, 2024 might be remembered as the day Donald J. Trump won the 2024 Presidential Election," he tweeted.