Kimberly Guilfoyle Throws It Back To Her Most Tasteless Dress To Denounce Trump Verdict

Kimberly Guilfoyle shared a low-energy photo in response to Donald Trump's guilty verdict in his hush-money case, and it was a baffling choice. On the historic date of May 30, 2024, the former Fox News host recycled an Instagram photo of her posing with Trump while rocking a truly terrible dress.

Guilfoyle's ghastly garment was a black mini-dress with a dropped waist that apparently pulled the neckline down with it. The frock also featured a skirt of layered petals; perhaps each flap of material represented one of Trump's 34 felony counts. Around her neck, she wore a skinny black choker adorned with a large rosette. It was the perfect outfit for a trendy, emo-lite girl to wear to her middle school dance circa the "Lizzie McGuire" era. She and Trump were pictured posing in front of American flags with big grins plastered on their faces.

Guilfoyle posted the same pic on April 11, and it's unclear why she thought a repeat photo of her wearing the color of mourning was the best choice to convince voters that there's still a lot of life in Trump's campaign. Perhaps she was trying to send a message with her black rose motif; according to the Language of Flowers (via Arena Flowers), the inky blossoms can represent "hatred, death, and despair." Hmmm. That can't be right. Another possible meaning is "utmost devotion and exclusivity in a relationship," which makes more sense. It's certainly something Guilfoyle demonstrated in an emotional video reaction to Trump's conviction.

Kimberly Guilfoyle's warning for voters

Kimberly Guilfoyle didn't just deploy one of her most inappropriate outfits to drum up support for Donald Trump. She also covered the verdict live on "The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show." Before it came in, she accused Joe Biden of orchestrating the trial to deliver some political damage to his opponent. She also expressed concern over what might happen if Judge Juan Merchan expanded Trump's gag order, which could potentially affect his ability to campaign by forcing him to think carefully about the words that pass from his lips. However, according to Reuters, it's more probable that Merchan will remove the order.

Guilfoyle started reading the guilty verdict for each separate count up until number 15 before throwing in the towel and just saying that he was guilty on all 34 counts. At one point, she appeared to wipe tears from the corners of her eyes. "What we're seeing here is a complete utter abomination and disgrace," she said. She seemed almost as angry as Trump looked over the verdict.

Guilfoyle also had a chilling warning for other Americans. "People need to understand at home that if this can happen to the 45th president of the United States ... it can happen to any American in this country," she said.