HGTV Star Mike Jackson's Oldest Daughter Simone Is All Grown Up Now

With how young Mike Jackson looks on "Married to Real Estate," it's hard to believe he has a daughter that is a grown adult. Jackson and his wife, Egypt Sherrod, were able to ditch their pre-HGTV jobs after the success of "Married to Real Estate," but the thing that the reality star considers to be his biggest success is his three daughters — Simone, Kendall, and Harper. In March 2024, Jackson shared a touching post about fatherhood on his Instagram. He wrote, "Fatherhood is a blessing. I don't have to be a father, I choose to be a father. I get to be a father! I don't take parenting lightly, or for granted. I thank the Lord everyday for our daughters. They are 3 of the reasons I'm the man I am today."

Viewers have been able to witness Jackson as a father on the series, which he shared with Distractify was a choice for them. He explained, "We wanted people to be able to relate to us and not just see, here's how the house looks, and here's how it's going to look at the end." However, we do see some Jackson members more than others. Harper and Kendall have appeared on the show now and then, but Simone, who is from a previous relationship Jackson had, has kept more of a low profile. Since Simone tends to keep out of the limelight, you may be surprised to know that she is now all grown up.

Simone has graduated from college

Simone has taken the next big step in her life — graduating from college. In March 2024, HGTV shared a clip of an upcoming episode of "Married to Real Estate," where Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod gathered the rest of the family for a trip to Simone's 2023 graduation ceremony. In the confessional, Sherrod shared how this monumental moment is an inspiration for the couple's younger kids. She said, "It's a family affair because what we want our younger ones to see that our older one did it. And she mastered this. But they know hey, hey, the bar is set high. This is the expectation."

Sherrod revealed in the clip that the eldest of the Jackson bunch went to school for fashion merchandising and design, and will quietly work a job after graduation. And it wasn't just Sherrod that was proud; Jackson couldn't believe how fast his little girl had grown up. He said, "You know, they're small. And then, they're graduating. Like where does the time go?" The reality star was filled with pride and joy as he embraced his daughter following her graduation.

Sherrod later shared an Instagram post in honor of the big event to show once more how proud she is of Simone. She said, "Guess who just graduated magna cum laude from Marist College?!!!!?? Yessssssssss our Mony!! One down two to go. LOL." From a little girl to a college grad, Simone has grown up fast.

Egypt Sherrod has been a huge part of Simone's life

It can be debatable whether "Married to Real Estate" is staged, but what isn't staged is Egypt Sherrod's relationship with Simone. Sherrod has been in Simone's life almost as long as her dad. As previously mentioned, Mike Jackson had Simone in a relationship prior to his marriage with Sherrod. However, the "Married to Real Estate" star has seen her grow up right in front of her eyes, just as much as Jackson, because she has known Simone since she was a little girl. In one episode (via People), Sherrod told viewers, "I've been in her life since she was three years old. She's my baby. You ask me, [I say] I have three daughters."

Over the years, Sherrod has been in just as much shock as viewers have been over how quickly Simone has grown up. In a Facebook post from 2018, the reality star shared a snap of the family with the caption, "The Jacksons... It seems like just two years ago Simone was only up to my shoulders. Now she towers over me, and my six year old Kendall will probably have me beat by next year. NO FAIR! Well I guess we can't have it all." At the time the photo was taken, Simone was a teen. Now, she's a full-blown adult that has paved her own path that both Sherrod and Jackson are proud of.