Sonja Morgan Has Been Trying To Offload Her NYC Townhouse For Years

"Real Housewives of New York" alum Sonja Morgan has been trying to sell her NYC townhouse for several years. Sonja, who's reportedly worth $8 million, filmed in the lush setup during her decade-plus on the Bravo show, starting in 2010 and ending in 2021. Unfortunately, Sonja, who lost a substantial amount of money following her divorce from J.P. Morgan heir, John Adams Morgan, and her subsequent bankruptcy, has had terrible luck in the financial department. That could be why she's so eager to sell the property. So far, no one's elected to take the infamous property off her hands, though.

According to The Real Deal, Sonja had already listed the property, originally purchased by her ex-husband for $9.1 million in the late '90s, several times between 2008 and 2013. Sonja initially asked for $12 million before slashing the fee down to $7.25 million in 2010. That year, she temporarily took it off the market before eventually trying again. Unfortunately, the infamous townhouse, which her fans have long dubbed as dated, still hadn't been snagged by 2021, even though she'd finally fitted the home with the updated features one year earlier, per the New York Post. Sonja then took the listing, increased to $8.75 million, down once more. Of course, this was far from the end of Sonja's real estate disaster.

Sonja Morgan did a second renovation

Not only did Sonja Morgan's first renovation not help her unload the townhouse, but her inability to sell or rent the property meant that she was forced to temporarily move back into the infamous unit. "At this point, this house is nothing more than a financial drain, an emotional drain," Morgan shared during Season 12 of "RHONY" (via Reality Blurb). "I had to move back here, because I rented the apartment while this [townhouse] was rented, but when the pandemic struck, forget it! This wasn't rented or sold. I had to move back here." She continued, "If no one's renting the townhouse, I can't be shelling out cash every month to rent my little pied-à-terre in Columbus Circle."

Morgan circled back to the renovations in October 2023, when she updated fans on Instagram about her latest slate of projects, but the place was still unsold the next month when she spoke about her living situation at Bravo Con. "When it's rented, I take it off the market," shared Morgan (via People). "So I have a wonderful family that just left a few days ago, so now I feel broke. When I rent it, I feel homeless." And while her fellow "RHONY" alum Kelly Bensimon, who sells real estate, assured Sonja that she could help her with the property, Morgan also shared the advice she got from another Bravo star. "Dorinda [Medley] and I had a really good talk. She said just auction it and move on."

Sonja Morgan is finally auctioning off her townhouse

Sonja Morgan has finally taken Dorinda Medley's advice. According to the New York Post, Morgan has put the townhouse up for auction, where it will stay between May 15 and May 29. And while there's no minimum bid allowed, the bidding is suspected to start at $1.75 million. "This townhouse has been our cherished home for decades," Morgan said in a statement to the outlet. "In addition to raising my daughter here, we entertained heads of state, royalty, luminaries and Fortune 500 CEOs." As for why Morgan decided to go the auction route? "The auction process aligns with my goal to sell at market value in an efficient and timely manner," she continued, adding that it's time for her to seize the moment.

And though Morgan obviously has strong sentimental ties to the place, she doesn't exactly seem sad to let it go. In a video uploaded to Instagram, Morgan happily documented the process of packing up her things. In the short clip, Sonja panned to movers tagging and packing up her outdoor furniture in her famous garden. "Sonja in the city, it's a beautiful day," said Morgan. "The garden's looking spectacular." In a follow-up video, the reality star then panned to her bedroom closet and outlined more things she planned to keep. As for what made the cut? Her dresser, air purifier, and her collection of Telfar bags. She was less enthusiastic about her chaise lounger, however.