Signs Alina Habba And Melania Trump Are Closer Than We All Think

Donald Trump's civil trial lawyer, Alina Habba, is conventionally attractive: young, slim, with immaculately styled brown hair and perfectly applied makeup. So, it's little surprise people drew comparisons between Habba and Melania Trump when she popped up on Donald's legal team in 2021. Rumors even surfaced that Donald planned to replace Melania with Habba, and many claimed the two women rarely interacted. However, ignore all the gossip mongering because Habba and Melania are closer than people think.

Habba spends a lot of time with Donald Trump in court as his civil trial attorney, which keeps her pretty busy these days. However, even off the clock, she spends a lot of time hanging at Mar-a-Largo and often being Donald's plus-one at events. Photos of the two attending a UFC fight in December 2023 had many commenting on Melania's absence — and Habba's presence in her place. "If I was being indicted every 15 minutes, I'd have my hot lawyer close by at all times," one comment on X, formerly Twitter, reads.

Habba's a fierce defender of 45 and goes for detractors like a rabid grizzly bear attacking a sack of raw steak, something NYAG Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron learned during Donald's civil fraud case. Habba's relationship with Donald's family appears to be tight, as she's frequently at their Palm Beach estate. But there are rarely photos of Habba and Melania together. Still, pictures of Melania are scarce these days, period — though it definitely has nothing to do with any bad blood between the two women.

Alina Habba is inside the Trump family inner sanctum

There are plenty of photos on Alina Habba's Instagram showing her standing, thumbs up, with Donald Trump. However, there are rarely photos of Habba and Melania Trump. Still, when she arrived at Mar-a-Largo in April 2024 for Melania's 53rd birthday, Habba gave the birthday girl what looked like an affectionate and genuine embrace. "Sending a big hug to the most elegant First Lady we have ever had. Happiest Birthday wishes @melaniatrump," Habba captioned a photo posted on Instagram.

Another sign that Habba and Melania are closer than people think is the fact she was invited to the celebration in the first place. Melania's still grieving the death of her mom, Amalija Knavs, who died in January 2024. In addition, she's also suffering the humiliation of Donald's hush money trial. So, for obvious reasons, the former FLOTUS wasn't in the mood to party. "She is still suffering the loss of her mother, and this birthday is difficult in that respect," a source told People. "She will be with her family for a low-key celebration," another claimed. "In these days, which are embarrassing for her, she finds comfort in her small family."

Another sign of a strong relationship between the women is the seemingly genuine affection Habba has for Melania. The attorney has an explosive temper, and her disdain for those she doesn't like is blatantly obvious — looking at you, Judge Engoron. Yet Habba has reportedly never spoken a bad word or been seen acting negatively in any way towards Melania.

Conspiracy theorists claim Habba is even closer to Donald

Since she stepped into the spotlight, Alina Habba has been the subject of admiration, disdain, and ridicule. Then, of course, there are the continuing rumors that Habba is more than just Donald Trump's attorney. Both Quora and Reddit have long (and definitely NSFW) threads speculating on whether Melania will leave Donald because he's supposedly having an affair with Habba. And X, formerly Twitter, has been roasting Habba for supposedly being a Melania wannabee. "Is it just me, or does Alina Habba look exactly like a younger Melania? (minus the taxpayer funded 'kidneys') She even has the same terrible judgment and questionable ethics. Ok .. there are differences. She can string a sentence together, for one," a particularly vicious comment from November 2023 reads.

Even the media has jumped on the bandwagon. "Can't help but think Donald Trump's legal adviser Alina Habba looks eerily like Melania Trump... always a strong woman on his side," Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell posted on X, along with a composite of the two women.

Crazier conspiracy theorists claim Habba has not only had plastic surgery but has done so to look more like Melania and other Trump family members. A post on X from November 2023 claimed Habba has undergone a "plastic transformation to look like a mixture of Ivanka and Melania." Well, at least they didn't accuse her of attempting to emulate Melania and Eric Trump, so that's a positive, at least.