Intimate Fact About Trump's Marriage Put On Blast In New Mar-A-Lago Search Details

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago raid was intended to acquire classified documents that the former U.S. president did not return after leaving the White House, but the raid unveiled so much more. The Mar-a-Lago search called out Trump's marriage after an intimate fact was revealed about his and Melania Trump's relationship.

On May 21, according to Court Listener, Trump's legal team filed a motion in his Mar-a-Lago case. The introduction into the filing explains the reasoning for the motion, stating, "President Donald J. Trump respectfully submits this motion to suppress evidence seized during the unconstitutional raid of Mar-a-Lago and evidence obtained from the subsequent unlawful violation of President Trump's attorney-client privilege by the Special Counsel's Office." While Donald may have wanted to dismiss evidence obtained in the raid, his filing has only brought newfound attention to a specific part of his life.

In the filing (via Court Listener), it details the locations in his Mar-a-Lago estate that the search took place, and one of them may shock you. The document read, "The roving and highly inappropriate search covered, for example, a 'gym,' 'kitchen,' the 'Former First Lady Master Bedroom suite,' and the 'Child's bedroom suite' used by President Trump's son." That's right, Melania has a separate room from her husband, Donald! Speculation surrounding Donald and Melania's sleeping habits has been circulating for a while now, but this filing confirmed that the couple stay far away from each other when their heads hit the pillows at night.

Stormy Daniels hinted at Donald and Melania Trump's separate living quarters

The new Mar-a-Lago filing confirmed what people have been suspecting for a while — that Donald and Melania Trump sleep in separate bedrooms. The conversation around the couple's bedtime habits first sparked when Stormy Daniels hit the stand in the former U.S. president's criminal case.

The businessman is currently on trial for allegedly paying hush money to the adult film star to keep their affair quiet. During the trial, Daniels was called to testify and revealed a lot about her relationship with Donald. However, one moment in particular stood out to the public. The moment she talked about Melania, all ears perked up, as everyone was eager to hear what she had to say about the former first lady. According to CNN, the former exotic dancer admitted that when she was with Donald they rarely spoke about Melania but she did remember a "very brief" conversation she had about her. Daniels told the courtroom that Donald told her, "We [him and Melania] don't sleep in the same room."

Rumors that the couple's relationship was strained had circulated for a while, and this all but confirmed that the two were not as close as they looked. Now, with the new filing, the public knows for sure that Donald and Melania choose to sleep in different bedrooms, and we don't have to just take Daniels' word for it.

Donald and Melania Trump's marriage has been put under the spotlight

Donald and Melania Trump's relationship has fascinated the public, as many have wondered what's really going on in their marriage. With the latest Mar-a-Lago filing, and the former U.S. president's criminal trial, the public is getting a look at their relationship like never before — besides just their sleeping habits.

When Donald's former lawyer Michael Cohen took the stand, he made it seem like the businessman was unfazed by whether Melania knew about his affair with Stormy Daniels. According to the Washington Post, Cohen claimed that he asked about how the former first lady handled the news of the affair, and Donald reportedly responded, "Don't worry. ... How long do you think I will be on the market for? Not long." Cohen's testimony verified what people suspected about the couple's relationship — that they weren't close. However, there were other testimonies that showed a different side to Donald and Melania's marriage.

A former aide to Donald, Madeleine Westerhout, took the stand and shared playful details about the couple. She said (via the Daily Mail), "I could figure out he was on the phone with Mrs. Trump. He would say [to Mrs. Trump] honey come over to the window [in the residence]. He would say come to the window and [they would] wave to each other." The trial, and the new filing, has put their relationship in the spotlight, but Donald and Melania's romance is still confusing as ever.