The Worst Outfits Christina Hall Has Ever Worn On HGTV

HGTV star Christina Hall is the queen of style when it comes to renovating and decorating houses. Fashion sense, though? Not so much as evidenced by some of the ensembles she's worn on HGTV, and her see-through wedding dress while marrying Josh Hall in September 2022. (Christina Hall has been married twice before, so here's hoping the third time's a charm.)

Thanks to Hall's multiple HGTV shows, viewers have watched her tumultuous love life play out on camera. Her debut series, "Flip or Flop," co-starred her first husband. It was a massive hit for HGTV, but Christina Hall and Tarek El Moussa's relationship didn't fare so well. They ended up in a very public and bitter divorce and custody battle. Hall is now with Josh, though, and Tarek has moved on, too. He married former "Selling Sunset" star Heather Rae Young in October 2021.

Here's where things get interesting: Hall and Young are gearing up for a new HGTV show, "The Flip Off," which will be released sometime in 2025. They're filming it together with their respective spouses, so it should be either a total trainwreck, drama central, or just good, enjoyable TV — we're betting on the middle option. Going by the teaser, Hall and Young share more than the same taste in men. They also dress identically. Hopefully, though, Young won't be emulating some of the worst outfits Hall has worn on HGTV.

Christina Hall's shredded white jeans

In August 2018, Christina Hall posted a pic on Instagram of herself and, Frankie, a gorgeous Irish wolfhound, while filming an episode of her show "Christina By The Coast." Judging by the photo, it may have taken Hall quite some time to win over the hound's trust because it looked like she'd been mauled by a dog as the front of her fitted white jeans were totally shredded, full of rips and holes. Jokes aside, Hall's savaged jeans obviously weren't courtesy of poor old Frankie. The home renovation star, who was also clad in a simple dark green/gray T-shirt and brown ankle boots, clearly found a way into the dog's heart by stuffing him with some yummy treats in the photo.

While Hall's outfit on the HGTV show earned her a definite thumbs down, she gets props for a nod to "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot in her Instagram post. "I like big dogs, and I can not lie," Christina wrote in the caption while giving a shout out to Frankie and his owners.

Christina Hall's denim jumpsuit

Christina Hall's HGTV shows have made her serious money — $25 million, to be precise, per Celebrity Net Worth. So, it's little surprise that when you add her fortune to her renovation skills, Hall owns not one but two absolutely gorgeous homes with her husband, Josh Hall.

One is a fabulous farmhouse in Franklin, Tennessee that's featured on HGTV's "Christina in the Country." She posted a video on Instagram showing off the stunning home, which Hall reportedly paid $6 million for in 2021. According to Hall, flitting from the coast to the countryside is easy thanks to the farmhouse. "Logistically, why it works in Tennessee is because we have a home there," she explained to the AP. "We have clothes there. I don't pack. We just go." Now, this makes for a puzzling conundrum because if Halls has clothes hanging in her Tennessee wardrobe to wear on the farm, why did she post an Instagram pic of herself feeding carrots to a donkey while clad in a skin-tight bootcut 1970s style zipped and belted denim jumpsuit? It's definitely up there with Hall's worst, not to mention impractical HGTV outfits.

The denim get-up would definitely be more suitable for entertaining at her Newport Beach, California, home that's often seen on "Christina by the Coast." She renovated the stunning house herself, and it was reportedly worth $12 million even before her impressive makeover. Hall gave fans a peek inside by sharing photos of the finished project on Instagram.

Christina Hall's Barbie tribute

One of the craziest, hands-down worst outfits that HGTV's Christina Hall has ever worn is the Barbie collector's Generations of Dreams doll 50th-anniversary gown she borrowed before the red carpet premiere of the "Barbie Dream House Challenge" in July 2023.

Hall was clearly thrilled by the frightful frock as she gushed about it on Instagram, along with a photo of the dreadful dress that was comprised of a sparkly sequin bustier top and princess-style sateen with a tulle pale pink puffy bottom half. As if that wasn't bad enough, the ghastly garment had loads of Barbie-related images sewn onto it. There were a multitude of painted portraits of presumably past dolls, bits of frayed cloth with full-length and fully clothed Barbies, glitter-edged bubble gum pink Barbie logos, and 1970s-style printed flowers. Amazingly, some of those same Generation Of Dreams Barbies are listed on eBay for a staggering £550 ($699).

Hall wore the outfit to promote HGTV's "Barbie Dream House Challenge," which premiered just days before the release of the "Barbie" movie. Per HGTV, the channel "assembled the biggest group of renovation stars ever [to create] a real-life fully functioning Barbie Dreamhouse." Hall starred in the series finale and was tasked with creating "a chic office worthy of Barbie's storied resume."

Christina Hall's high heels and skinny jeans

Christina Hall was thrilled to learn that her show, "Christina on The Coast," had been renewed for a third season. "We begin production in August, and we already have some incredible transformations lined up!!" she posted on Instagram in July 2020. Hall prides herself on making the show authentic, per PEOPLE, and not the usual semi-scripted, partially acted reality fodder. It certainly appears that way, as Hall doesn't just talk the talk; she walks the walk. The HGTV star is front and center while builders carry out house overhauls. However, if the photo she posted with her Instagram renewal announcement was anything to go by, Hall would struggle to walk anywhere.

Don't get us wrong, Hall looked amazing in a lacy, low-cut black top, skin-tight blue jeans, and sky-high strappy platform sandals. But she was dressed more for cocktails at Habana than supervising a building site. It wasn't the best outfit for working up a sweat on the jobsite.

Still, Hall's best friend, Cassie Zebisch, insisted her buddy is 100% genuine, as is her show. Zebisch told House Beautiful that Hall moved into her home during a 10-week renovation. Zebisch insisted there was no scripting and that "during the day, cameras followed their every move." She said there were no reshoots either. "[The producers] love to share things as they happen — those reactions are real," Zebisch said. "I'm not an actress."

Christina Hall and Heather El Moussa's twin ensemble

Another of the worst outfits Christina Hall has worn on her HGTV shows had everybody seeing double. In May 2014, Heather El Moussa posted a video on Instagram teasing her and Hall's renovation competition show, "Flip Off." Heather stars in the series with her husband, Tarek El Moussa, his ex-wife, Christina, and Christina's new husband, Josh Hall. You can file that one under A for awkward.

In the video clip, the two women literally look like twins as they strut down a hallway clad in identical black bustiers, ripped jeans, and super-high patent leather heels. They toast each other with champagne while dancing along to "Two Bad B****es" by Baddie Friend. "I guess you're not the only ones confused," Tarek captioned a video of his current and ex-wives standing side by side, playing with their hair.

Christina Hall and Tarek El Moussa's strange HGTV reunion proved that no bar is too low for attention-seeking, which backed up claims detractors have made for years that the couple, especially Tarek, is thirsty for publicity at any cost. Christine Quinn, who worked with Tarek on "Selling Sunset," told Page Six he and then-girlfriend Heather Rae Young were dubbed "Speidi" because they were as desperate for press coverage as Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Well, one thing's for sure: if Tarek and Christina are looking for attention, "Flip Off" is sure to bring it — in buckets.