Cameron Brink Looks So Much Different Wearing Makeup

Cameron Brink has just become one of the WNBA's biggest stars and it's no wonder she wants to look good on and off the court. Coming off of her senior year at Stanford, the basketball player was the second pick during the 2024 draft and now has a home on the Los Angeles Sparks team. Of course, Brink had to get all dolled up for the event and showed up glammed out in a black and white Balmain dress. Her made-up face was quite a departure from her on-court look, which is a lot more natural. "I do wear makeup to play and practice, but I keep it light because I'm constantly rubbing my face with a towel. I do concealer, and I make sure to set it really well so it doesn't come off," she shared with Nylon. Some lip tint, mascara, and setting spray, and Brink's b-ball face is complete.

While she wowed at the WNBA draft along with Caitlin Clark and her transformation, Brink made jaws drop with her Instagram post offering 10 free league passes. She showed off her blue eyes with a healthy dose of black mascara, making her lashes miles long. As for her lips, the 22-year-old wore a rosy pink shade that we can all agree is definitely her color. Although Brink is an athlete, she's no stranger to wearing a full face of makeup and her love of beauty landed her a deal with a high-end brand.

Cameron Brink scored a partership with Estée Lauder

With the disappointing WNBA salary that the players make compared to male athletes, it's the brand deals that bring in the big bucks for female basketball stars. Cameron Brink's partnership with the multi-billion dollar company Estée Lauder is perfect for the makeup lover. In fact, it was the brand she wore for the WNBA draft and she showed the behind-the-scenes preparation for the big day in a TikTok video. As the makeup artist applied a serum on Brink's face, she stated, "I love this part. This is the best serum." Brink added, "The star of the show — the Double Wear Stay-In-Place foundation and it is going to be lasting on my face all day." The final look was a chic cat-eye with a winged liner and bronzed lips.

For a more natural look, Brink shared a GRWM TikTok video for a practice session while wearing the same foundation. "I love how it's being more accepted to wear makeup as a female basketball player. I think every time I step on the court, if I have a little something on my face [I] look good, feel good, play good," she told her fans. After some powder, blush, and lipstick, Brink proved the makeup's staying power by showing herself post-practice and she definitely had us convinced. When it comes to her love of all things beauty, Brink has her mom to thank for teaching her that it's okay for an athlete to be feminine at the same time.

Cameron Brink learned to embrace both her sporty and girly side

Cameron Brink proves that you can be tough on the basketball courts while still looking fresh, which she learned from her mom. "Growing up I always thought of myself as the 'lanky, awkward, tall kid,' but she's always taught me to embrace my height, to stand up straight and embrace my feminine side. She showed me that it's super fun to do your makeup and your hair," she shared with NBC Sports. Brink stated that putting on makeup makes her feel confident and thinks of it as self-care. "If I feel beautiful, then I just have a better day. It's not about [obsessing] over what you look like but it's just a part of who I am. It's okay to be girly but go out and scream [as loud as you can] on the court. I embrace my feminine side and I'm really thankful that my mom instilled that in me," the forward added.

Applying makeup is almost meditative for Brink and she told the New York Times, "It's really relaxing to me." However, she added, "There is a pressure for me to look a certain way. Sometimes it's refreshing to go out and play sports and not worry about it." Whether she has a full face of makeup for a night out or a clean look while playing a WNBA game, Brink is undoubtedly one of the biggest influencers in the sports world at the moment.