Who Is Cameron Brink's Boyfriend, Ben Felter? They Share A Critical Mutual Interest

The 2024 WNBA year has brought a new wave of rookies that is bringing attention to the league like never before. We all know about Caitlin Clark, but other newcomers like Cameron Brink have made quite the splash on the court. Coming from Stanford University with an NCAA championship and a defensive player of the year award on her resume, people knew that Brink was going to dominate in the WNBA, and she has done just that. As she has received more attention, many fans have become interested in the Los Angeles Sparks player's life, both on and off the court, including her love life.

Brink hasn't gone through all the ups and downs in her career alone. The forward has been with her boyfriend, Ben Felter, for over three years. In honor of the couple's anniversary, the basketball star shared a rare carousel of photos on Instagram. She captioned the photo, "3 years with you. Plus qu'hier, moins que demain," which translates to, "3 years with you. More than yesterday, less than tomorrow."

The Los Angeles Sparks star doesn't share too much of her love life with the public, besides the rare posts on social media. The lack of attention on her relationship with Felter, however, has only made people more curious about the man that snagged Brink's heart, and we're here to spill all the details on everything we know about him.

Ben Felter is also an athlete

Ben Felter and Cameron Brink are on their way to becoming one of the best celebrity athlete couples. Much like Brink, Felter is an athlete, not in basketball but for rowing. The athlete committed to Stanford University and joined the college's rowing team in October 2019. He shared the news on social media, writing, "Proud to be committed to Stanford University for rowing. Thank you to everyone who has supported me.‼️ Go Cardinal‼️ #stanford2024."

Felter has had an impressive college career. According to his roster, he was a two-time IRCA Scholar-Athlete in 2022 and 2023, and rowed in the fifth seat on Stanford's second Varsity Eight at the IRA Championships.

Rowing has meant a lot to Felter, although it hasn't always been easy, but it's his love for the sport that kept him going. When speaking on the "Weekends with Josh" podcast, he explained, "Once I picked it [rowing] up it was the first time I ever had that feeling of, 'Oh wow, I could possibly compete at the next level.' Like I could actually be pretty good at this sport. And that's what got me into rowing and got me to stick with rowing." It's a good thing he did stick with rowing, because Felter has had an incredible run at the sport.

Ben Felter is a technical intern

We know what Cameron Brink's plan after college was — to hit the WNBA and make some cash. For her boyfriend, Ben Felter, his future plans are a little unclear. Does he want to go into professional rowing or does he have something else in mind? Time will only tell, but for now it looks like Felter is booked and busy with his internship.

According to his LinkedIn, Felter has worked as a technical intern for the Defense Innovation Unit's space portfolio since 2022. The organization's website explains, "The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) strengthens national security by accelerating the adoption of commercial technology throughout the military and bolstering our allied and national security innovation bases." Not only is Felter a technical intern for the DIU, but he has also held another position at Riverside Research as a program manager since 2022 as well.

Felter has his hands full with all his work, schooling, and rowing, but he always makes time for Brink. In a photo from March 2022, the DIU intern posted a photo of him hugging the basketball star on the sidelines of one of her games. With Brinks continuing to dominate the court in the WNBA, we can expect Felter on the sidelines cheering her on for years to come.