What Alina Habba's Husband Gregg Reuben Does For A Living

Alina Habba's marriage to her husband, Gregg Reuben, is about as fresh as her time with Donald Trump. Habba married Reuben in 2020, shortly after divorcing her first husband, Matthew Eyet, in 2019. A year after she tied the knot with Reuben, the lawyer joined Trump's legal team, changing the trajectory of her life forever. Habba has been thrown into the limelight, as she has shown unwavering support for the former U.S. president. However, as much as she has been in the headlines, her relationship with Reuben has surprisingly been kept out of the public eye.

Every now and then, Habba's followers will catch a glimpse of Reuben on the lawyer's social media. In March 2024, the lawyer shared a slideshow of photos on Instagram from her 40th birthday, which featured a photo of Habba with Reuben alongside the former president and his wife, Melania Trump. A rare sighting of the two, but just because Reuben may prefer to stay in the shadows, doesn't mean he's not as successful as his wife.

Reuben's impressive résumé includes graduating from Harvard Business School and being worth a whopping $2 to $5 million. How did he build such a high net worth, you might ask? Well, he may not be in the field of law like his wife, but he has taken his business knowledge to become the CEO of a parking management company.

Gregg Reuben is the CEO of a business

Gregg Reuben has made his name known in the business world as he is the CEO of the parking management company CenterPark. According to his website, "Centerpark is focused on building parking management systems in gateway cities nationwide. A gateway city is a city that serves an economic anchor of its surrounding areas and regions." Reuben had plenty of management experience prior to launching CenterPark, as he operated various parking systems for different companies, including Autofair America, ABM Industries, LAZ Parking, and Alliance Parking.

CenterPark's website further explained Reuben's role in the company. It read, "As a founder and the CEO of Centerpark, it is Gregg's responsibility for Centerpark to realize their objective of becoming one of the largest owner/operators of parking and logistic oriented properties while achieving the company's mission of creating value for their customers, opportunities for their employees, and enhanced returns for their partners and clients."

With him being the founder of a successful business, it's no wonder his net worth is pegged in the ballpark of a couple of million. However, as fortunate as Reuben and his wife, Alina Habba, have been, they have also been a bit shady and have found themselves in a sticky situation, owing the government a good amount of money. 

Gregg Reuben and Alina Habba's tax issues

Gregg Reuben and Alina Habba have money woes that need to be paid off. A report by InTouch Weekly revealed that the couple owe over a million dollars in tax liens and warrants. For those who may be unfamiliar with what a tax lien is, the IRS website explains it as "a legal claim against your property to secure payment of your tax debt." Apparently, Reuben and Habba have a couple of these tax liens and warrants out on them.

InTouch Weekly reports that, as of November 2023, Habba had two tax liens. One she owed for her law firm, Sadelans Eyet LLP, with a total of $1,146 and another for an LLP filed that amounted to $1,047. Altogether she owes slightly over $2000, which doesn't seem too bad. However, it's her husband who has an outstanding debt with the government. 

Reuben has a handful of tax warrants he reportedly owes, including two payments filed in August 2016. One of these payments is a total of $93,628 and another is $179,335. In 2020, he was hit with two more filings of owed payments that included $484,323 and $59,295. That's not all, the outlet reports that some of his LLCs were also served tax liens that amounted to more than $770,000!