Body Language Expert Tells Us Scottie Scheffler Looked Fearful After Arrest

Scottie Scheffler was arrested on May 17, 2024, just hours before he was set to play in the 2024 PGA Championship. According to ESPN, Scheffler attempted to gain access to the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky, but ended up dragging a policeman with his car. Hours earlier, a man working for the event was killed by a vehicle, resulting in a road closure outside the club. Reporter Jeff Darlington, who was present at the scene, said that Scheffler attempted to bypass the setup before being told to stop by an officer, who eventually latched onto the side of his car. The golfer continued to drive 10 to 20 yards, causing the officer "pain, swelling, and abrasions to his left wrist." Scheffler was arrested and charged with felony second degree assault of a police officer and other misdemeanors.

Following the incident, Scheffler released a statement, asserting that he hadn't meant any harm. "This morning, I was proceeding as directed by police officers," Scheffler said. "It was a very chaotic situation, understandably so considering the tragic accident that had occurred earlier, and there was a big misunderstanding of what I thought I was being asked to do." He continued, "I'm hopeful to put this to the side and focus on golf today." Surprisingly, Scheffler was able to do just that, and was even spotted making his tee time at the golf club. However, Elasq consulted with body language expert Traci Brown, CSP, who revealed that he may have had much more than his swing on his mind.

Scottie Scheffler looked fearful

Later in the day following his arrest, ESPN captured footage of Scottie Scheffler arriving at the PGA Championship. And while he didn't stop to chat with reporters, his body language spoke volumes. According to Traci Brown, Scheffler seemed to be buzzing with fear as he exited his vehicle and headed inside the club. "He's moving faster than normal when he gets out of the SUV," said Brown. "His eyebrows are up. That indicates he's in fear. And why wouldn't he be after the morning he's had and almost being late?" She continued, "Looks like it's working for him, though. He's playing great." By the way, Scheffler finished the day with a 5-under 66, according to CBS Sports.

For what it's worth, Scheffler himself admitted to being a bit shaken following his arrest. "I feel like my head is still spinning," revealed Scheffler during a press conference (via ESPN). "I cannot really explain what happened this morning. I did spend some time stretching in a jail cell," he continued. "That was a first for me. That was part of my warmup. I was just sitting there waiting, and I started going through my warmup on the chance that maybe I could still come out here and play." The pro golfer, who cited his lack of a normal routine, also revealed that he didn't start to feel normal until he was several holes in. 

However, he felt fortunate to be able to participate.

Scottie Scheffler was also nervous during his arrest

Unsurprisingly, Scottie Scheffler was also a bit on edge during his actual arrest and brief jailing. "I was shaking almost in shock and in fear [during the arrest], and so, coming out to play today was definitely a challenge," he admitted during the press conference. "I did my best to control my mind, control my breathing and basically just calm down so I could come out here and play golf." Continuing, Scheffler also shared that he knew that his incident would attract distractions, though he didn't mind them in the end. "To be honest with you, it was great having the fans behind me," he said.

Later in the press conference, Scheffler revealed that he was "rattled" during the process. However, he only had kind things to say about the officer who took him to jail, saying that he talked Scheffler through everything and helped allay some of his fears. "He was great," said Scheffler. "We had a nice chat in the car, that kind of helped calm me down. I was sitting there waiting to kind of go in and I asked him, I was like, 'Hey, excuse me, can you just come hang out with me for a few minutes so I can calm down." The pro athlete also revealed that he wasn't angry, just in shock. "I think my body was just — I was shaking the whole time. I was shaking for like an hour. It was definitely a new feeling for me"

Whether or not Scheffler gets off easy remains to be seen.