Reba McEntire's Sexy Look At 2024 ACM Awards Won't Help The Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nearly five decades into her career, country music legend Reba McEntire looks like she's just stepped out of a time machine. For so long, fans of the Queen of Country have ooh-ed and ahh-ed over how the 69-year-old crooner manages to look like she hasn't aged a day since she first rocked bell bottoms. While the "I'm Not That Lonely Yet" singer has always denied the plastic surgery rumors thrown her way, many still can't wrap their head around how she manages to look perpetually youthful. And now, after gracing the 2024 ACM Awards red carpet in a sultry look, speculation is as rampant as ever. Has she really never gone under the knife? Or is being an unproblematic queen the secret to looking practically ageless?

Ahead of the award show, which McEntire is hosting for a whopping 17th time, some fans began buzzing about potential cosmetic enhancements, considering she looked suspiciously perfect in the promotional videos. "AI and plastic surgery has completely distorted our perspective of what is normal," one person declared on X, formerly known as Twitter. "I assume this is a real photo that's been touched up by AI to advertise the ACM Awards, but Reba literally looks like the creepy doll-come-to-life in a horror movie."

But McEntire's stunning see-through red carpet ensemble rivaled those of younger stars, so fans couldn't help but speculate anew. Is she really an untouched beauty?

Reba's look gave younger stars a run for their money

As expected, Reba McEntire made a grand entrance at the 2024 ACM Awards proving that she's every bit deserving of the Queen of Country title. She graced the red carpet with a spicy outfit featuring a blazer adorned by shiny black sequins, which she paired with — get this — Roberto Cavalli trousers with lace and fringe detailing that showed off her legs. Now that's how you start a show!

We can't deny it; she's among the best-dressed of the night, if not the best. And we're not even going to defend her against the rampant plastic surgery rumors. With how radiant she's looking, maybe she is telling the truth that happiness (with a dash of exercise) is what makes her glow. "Staying happy does help [keep me young]. I think it's very important to be of good mental attitude," she told ABC News when she turned 60. "Then I work out the best I can, as consistently as I can. I eat right, but I do jump off the wagon every now and then and have a good old cheeseburger." BRB, we're changing our wellness plans now!