Psychologist Tells Us Melania Likely Fears Barron's Loss Of Privacy Amid High School Graduation

Graduations are supposed to be a day of celebration, but it might be a day of fear for Melania Trump. As Barron Trump prepares to receive his high school diploma, NYC neuropsychologist and director of Comprehend the Mind, Dr. Sanam Hafeez, is explaining to Elasq why the big day may be worrisome for Melania.

Barron's ceremony has taken over the headlines thanks to his father, Donald Trump. The former U.S. president, who is currently on trial, falsely claimed he was denied a day off of the trial to attend the graduation. However, Donald will be able to go, in addition to his other May 17 plans. But with all the attention Barron and his ceremony have gotten, it may be more concerning to the first lady that her son is graduating. 

Dr. Hafeez exclusively told Elasq, "Parents of a child entering the spotlight, especially if they are famous themselves, often face a unique set of worries. One significant concern is the loss of privacy. The child may be subjected to intense media scrutiny, and their personal life could be exposed to public view, leading to a lack of normalcy and privacy." Dr. Hafeez knows that as Barron takes the next step in his life, there will be comparisons to his famous parents, questionable relationships, and perhaps even exploitation. She explained, "Parents might worry about people trying to exploit or manipulate their child for personal gain, whether financially or for fame." With Barron's status, it's no wonder Melania may be scared. 

Melania and Barron's bond may make his graduation more difficult

Melania Trump and Barron Trump have many beat when it comes to how close their mother-son relationship is. It's no secret Barron is the light of Melania's life. A source told People in March 2023, "Barron has always been a first priority in [Melania's] life ... She has always put him first. She is a good mother." With their close bond, Dr. Sanam Hafeez can see his graduation being a difficult thing for the first lady to process, especially since he's her only child. 

She explained to Elasq, "It can be particularly difficult for a parent of an only child when their child graduates from high school. This milestone can evoke a heightened sense of mixed emotions compared to parents with multiple children. With only one child, the bond can be exceptionally strong, and the daily interactions more central to the parent's life." Dr. Hafeez shared that these mixed emotions can range from anywhere from pride to anxiety, because as Barron graduates high school, it can shift his relationship with Melania and have a great effect on the former model. Dr. Hafeez shared, "Parents of an only child may experience a sense of lost purpose or identity as their role in their child's daily life diminishes, requiring them to redefine their roles and find new activities or interests to fill the void." Just as Barron's life today will change as he goes to college, so will Melania's.

Donald Trump's presidential run and Barron Trump's college venture could bring Melania Trump more anxiety

With Donald Trump vying for the presidency and Barron Trump going off to college, 2024 will surely be a lot for Melania Trump. Dr. Sanam Hafeez told Elasq, "Melania Trump might feel anxious if her husband, Donald Trump, is running for president while their son, Barron Trump, is going to college. This scenario would likely bring a combination of personal and public pressures that could contribute to her anxiety." 

Barron's privacy is already something that Dr. Hafeez thinks could be a potential concern for Melania, and with Donald running for a second term, it will be hard for Melania to keep Barron out of the public eye as he takes on college. The former first lady will have a lot to juggle this coming year and it may have some personal effects on her. Dr. Hafeez said, "The demands of the campaign trail, coupled with her desire to ensure Barron's smooth transition to college life, could create a complex and emotionally taxing situation." 

However, in May 2024, a source revealed to People that Melania plans on being an active part of Barron's future as he heads off to college. So, it looks like Donald's campaign may come second, but that still doesn't mean that the former first lady may be anxious about having to handle both situations at once.