Melania Trump Reportedly Won't Shed Her Helicopter Mom Ways As Barron Heads To College

When you think of college, you may think of parties, friends, and yes, some academics, but college may look a little different to Barron Trump. He's the former president's son, but that's not the only reason his experience may be unconventional, because Melania Trump isn't planning on shedding her mama bear instincts even as he heads off to college.

The former first lady has always been protective over her one and only son and many wondered how she would handle Barron taking the next step in his life. Barron is rumored to have made his college decision, and will reportedly be attending New York University, otherwise known as NYU. NYU is a long way from Florida, where Melania is currently living, but if you thought the distance would keep her protective ways at bay, think again.

Barron's college plans have made many wonder what this means for Melania, but a source revealed to People that the former first lady will be just as present throughout Barron's college career as she has been with his previous schooling. They said, "Melania will keep her hand on Barron's future just as much going forward as she has throughout his early and current school years. He is her world. She is proud of him, and she is the primary decision maker on Barron and his future." The former model has Barron under her wing and isn't letting him completely leave the nest without her.

Melania Trump wants Barron Trump to be happy

Melania Trump has taken helicopter mom to a new level, as she plans on guiding her son, Barron Trump, through his college career. Still, at the end of the day, the former first lady just wants Barron to be happy. A source told People, "He is still young and has a lot in front of him. She wants him to be happy and settled in his future endeavors." Although Melania is involved in many of Barron's decision, the source said that the former first lady wants him to make his own choices. They shared, "She wants him to pursue what he wants to do. He is smart and has his own opinions but they are still being shaped." However, it seems like Melania hasn't completely let go of the reins.

In early May, Barron was supposed to have another thing in common with his dad, Donald Trump, as he was scheduled to take on his first political event. Republican Party of Florida chairman Evan Power revealed that the youngest Trump was picked to serve as a Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention. For Trump fanatics, this was exciting, as another family member was entering the political field, but their excitement was quickly crushed.

Forbes revealed that Melania's team had canceled Barron's appearance due to "prior commitments." They didn't elaborate on what those commitments were, but it seemed to show many the control Melania continues to have over her son.