Gunna Looks So Different After His Weight Loss Transformation

Gunna and Young Thug had serious legal issues which shockingly landed the music collaborators behind bars in May 2022. Kim Kardashian called for Gunna to be freed alongside many fans who took to social media to support the "pushin P" rapper. Even though Young Thug remained locked up, Gunna was released in December 2022 after he pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiring to violate the state of Georgia's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The next month, Gunna posted his first photo to Instagram since being freed. He was photographed sitting on a couch in an all-black outfit, and called for Thugger's release in the caption. The snap was the first hint at Gunna's weight loss since being arrested.

A few months later, in April 2023, a closer photo of Gunna surfaced which gave fans a glimpse of the rapper's body transformation. He looked slim in a long-sleeve white T-shirt, and fans acknowledged the weight loss. "Gunna skinnyyyy! He was in the jail cell stressinggg," one X, formerly Twitter, user commented after seeing the post-prison snap. "Gunna i wanted you when you was fat," another fan tweeted at the time.

Over time, more pics of the "prada dem" artist's new look started to circulate. One photo of Gunna in a sleeveless tee had fans buzzing in May 2023. "Dat boi Gunna been in the gym," a fan tweeted alongside a strong emoji. In fact, Gunna's transformation was so stunning that multiple fans thought it may be a hoax.

The Gunna clone theory

After fans started to get an eyeful of the new Gunna, a theory spread online that it was not the "WUNNA" artist in the pics, but a lookalike. "Every time somebody come home from jail y'all say they a clone, like shut up they not eating for real in there and they stressed," a fan wrote on Instagram in June 2023 in response to a post positing the conspiracy theory. "When you go to jail you either come out fit or fat," another fan added.

That theory that a faux-Gunna was being used continued in July 2023 when the rapper dropped the video for his hit single "f**umean." In the visuals, Gunna rocked a tank top and overalls, and several fans were in disbelief at how much weight the rapper had shed. One fan took a screenshot of the video and expressed their incredulousness. "No way this is gunna," they wrote on X. The tweet went viral and made its way back to the rapper who replied by quote-tweeting "f**umean." Later, Gunna spoke out about his unbelievable weight loss.

In September 2023, TMZ caught up a with the svelte-looking Gunna and asked how he was "staying so fit." Prior to his weight loss, the rapper had done well with the ladies, including a rumored relationship between Gunna and Chlöe Bailey. He joked that it was his intimate time with women that led to his new physique. "Lifting legs," he replied to TMZ. The next year Gunna came clean about how he really lost the weight.

How Gunna kept the weight off

Gunna opened up about his weight loss journey when speaking to XXL on April 15, 2024. The "A Gift & A Curse" artist said he lost close to 40 pounds, and it started while being incarcerated. "Less eating. Especially when I went to jail. I lost a lot of weight," he told the outlet. "And when I got home, I started working out and just keeping it fit. And now, I'm on a year straight of all working out." According to Gunna, before being locked up he had tried to get in shape, but had trouble sticking to a routine. That changed after his release. "I got a trainer. I work out six days a week. I eat better. I eat clean," he added.

XXL promoted the story on Instagram and focused on Gunna's body transformation, but multiple fans brought up the rumors that he was released from prison for snitching on Young Thug and his YSL compatriots. "Bro didn't get a trainer he's just in the police academy," one Instagram user wrote. "He been runnin' for a long time," another snarkily added. It should be noted that Young Thug's father, Jeffery Williams Sr., went on the record in September 2023 to say that Gunna did not snitch on his son.

While the comments on the XXL post may have been negative, Gunna was flooded with praise days later when he posted a shirtless video to Instagram on April 21. "Gunna, you've undergone evolution," one fan wrote, still in awe of the rapper's transformation.