Rose Hanbury's Latest Kate Middleton Recreation Proves She's Dying To Be The Princess

Is that Catherine, Princess of Wales? Nope, it's just Rose Hanbury. The Marchioness of Cholmondeley's public appearances have become increasingly frequent amid Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis and people think she's trying everything in her power to look like Kate. When the Princess of Wales disappeared from the limelight, Hanbury found herself at the center of rumors, as people suggested she was having an affair with Prince William. In March 2024, after months of speculation, the world finally learned what happened to Kate after she revealed her illness. Since then, Kate has taken a step back from her royal duties. However, royal watchers are doing a double take because Hanbury's latest ensemble took a page directly from Kate's style playbook.

On May 15, Hanbury stepped out for the Order of the British Empire Ceremony. One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, pointed out that Hanbury's hat was the same one the Princess of Wales wore for a previous event. A coincidence? Maybe not. The former model's long, brown hair and facial structure are reminiscent of Kate, and people think she's wearing outfits to look like the royal on purpose. One person sarcastically tweeted, "And Im sure she did buy and wear the same hat worn by a woman who's husband the world is speculating she's having an affair with just because she liked the style." Hanbury's Kate-inspired outfit has people convinced she's trying to appear as if she's part of the royal family — but that's not the only thing that has people talking.

Rose Hanbury seen with the royal family on multiple occasions

Rose Hanbury's outfit choices aren't the only reason people are suspicious of her motives. The Marchioness of Cholmondeley has been getting closer to the royal family in other ways, as well. Days before she wore her Kate Middleton recreation, Hanbury spent time with Queen Camilla. The two women were photographed on the last day of the Badminton Horse Trials 2024 in matching blue outfits. The queen was all smiles in a snap from the event (above), as she and Hanbury appeared deep in conversation.

Of course, we know that just days later, Hanbury wore an outfit similar to Kate at the Order of the British Empire Ceremony — but that's not all. People also found it odd that her son was chosen to hold the end of King Charles robe as he entered St.Paul's Cathedral for said event. With affair rumors involving her and Prince William swirling amid Kate's disappearance from the public eye, Hanbury cozying up with other members of the royal family all seemed a bit strange to the public. One person tweeted, "Rose Hanbury is front and center in royal family affairs while Kate Middleton is no where. She's hanging out with Camilla, her son holding King Charles robe, she's wearing Kate's hat. Yeah she's making the rounds. #WhereIsKate." 

It looks like royal watchers have a new "royal" to watch in Kate's absence.