Why Stormy Daniels & Her Third Ex-Husband Glendon Crain Didn't Last

This article contains discussion of domestic abuse.

Stormy Daniels has a rocky relationship history. She's been married four times, with the first three ending in divorce after a few short years. But of Stormy Daniels' list of ex-husbands, her split from the third one was by far the most contentious. Glendon Crain, a fellow adult film actor who worked under the stage name Brendon Miller, filed for divorce in July 2018 amid Donald Trump's hush-money scandal involving Daniels. Crain, the father of Daniels' only child, accused her of cheating on him and lying about the extent of her involvement with Trump.

However, the marriage had raised red flags from the start. In July 2015, before the couple tied the knot, Crain was arrested and booked on a domestic violence charge for allegedly assaulting Daniels in their home, The Dallas Morning News reported in 2018. Daniels and Crain had been fighting about oil change prices, which escalated into a physical altercation. The couple's daughter, who was four at the time, told police that Crain hurt Daniels. "My daddy pushed momma down," she said.

Along with physical signs of injury, the incident was secretly recorded by Daniels, and police determined that Crain sounded hostile and verbally abusive. But despite providing ample evidence, Daniels ultimately decided not to press charges, and the couple wed in November 2015. The two remained together until the Trump scandal sent Crain over the edge.

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Glendon Crain was unaware of Stormy Daniels' affair with Trump

When news broke in January 2018 that Stormy Daniels had accepted money to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Donald Trump, Glendon Crain became embroiled in the scandal. Her then-husband was the one who received the $130,000 paid by Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, Crain revealed in the 2024 documentary "Stormy" (via People). However, he claimed that Daniels lied about having sex with the presidential candidate. "The sexual part I didn't know about, but the [hush] money came to my bank account," he said. (Trump denies the July 2006 encounter happened.)

Crain said Daniels' extramarital affairs became more frequent amid the Trump scandal going public, and he accused her of becoming involved with one of the documentary's filmmakers, Denver Nicks. "Glen started to kind of unravel, and we would just fight, and he would scream at me. It went downhill really quickly," Daniels said. Six months later, Crain would file for divorce and request sole custody of the couple's daughter, but a joint arrangement was reached a few weeks later.

"Everyone is happy and now we can focus no longer on fussing but amicably raising that child together and hopefully do the right thing," Crain's lawyer, Rothwell Pool, told the Daily Mail in August 2018. Daniels expressed remorse over the pain she inflicted on Crain and praised his child-rearing skills. "He really didn't deserve this. And he's a really good dad," she said in the documentary. However, the Trump scandal wasn't the final straw in their marriage.

Glendon Crain filed for divorce after Stormy Daniels' arrest

The marriage was hanging by a thread when Stormy Daniels' career landed her in trouble with the law. On July 12, 2018, six days before Glendon Crain filed divorce paperwork, Daniels was arrested in an Ohio strip club for allegedly fondling patrons who turned out to be undercover cops, The New York Times reported. She faced three misdemeanor charges of illegal sexual activity. Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, accused the authorities of purposefully targeting Daniels as retaliation for the Donald Trump scandal.

"This was a setup & politically motivated. It reeks of desperation," he tweeted. The charges were dropped a day later, he announced on X, previously known as Twitter. While a Columbus police internal investigation concluded the arrest had no political motivations, two of the officers involved were fired while the remaining two were suspended. Even though Daniels hadn't committed a crime, the arrest proved too much for her marriage to withstand.

"With police body cam footage of me being hauled away in handcuffs splashed across television news, Glen reached his breaking point," Daniels wrote in her 2018 memoir, "Full Disclosure." Crain withdrew all the money from their joint bank account and drove off with their daughter, she wrote. He also filed a temporary restraining order that prevented Daniels from seeing their child. "Those terrifying days after Glen vanished with our daughter and threatened to keep her from me forever were the darkest days of my life," she wrote. Despite the drama, Daniels and Crain would reach an amicable custody arrangement in August as the two accepted that they were better off apart.