The Worst-Dressed Celebrities At The 2024 Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival isn't just about celebrating cinematic achievements. Every year, fans of sartorial excellence also get to witness a fête de la mode at the Palais des Festivals. Cannes holds its stars to a higher standard than some other Hollywood functions by having a dress code, but some celebs still manage to ferret out fashions that feel out-of-place at the prestigious event. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as arresting as Anne Hathaway at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

Men are expected to wear tuxes on the red carpet, and it's thought that the festival's powers-that-be frown upon women wearing footwear other than high heels. Trousers on female attendees might also get silently judged.

For the most part, actors adhere to the spoken and unspoken rules and dress to impress. But as evidenced by the très terrible outfits that many stars modeled at the 2024 Met Gala, it doesn't matter how renowned a set of red stairs is — they are going to get sullied by some style choices that deserve to get mercilessly booed like Kristen Stewart's ghost story, "Personal Shopper," was when it premiered at the film festival in 2016.

Greta Gerwig's milkmaid dress and hoof heels

While Greta Gerwig made history as the first American female director to serve as jury president at Cannes, she did not serve President Barbie at the festival's jury photocall. Instead, she looked like she was ready to preside over the milking of a barn full of cows. But what would ol' Bessie think of the bovine appearance of her Christian Louboutin for Maison Margiela heels?

Gerwig's Maison Margiela sundress was too cottagecore-coded for the swanky event — its snatched waist and pale blue pinstripes were giving little lass on the prairie.

Eva Green's gilded gothic nightmare

It seems that Eva Green has appeared in one too many Tim Burton movies. The "Dark Shadows" star slunk down the red carpet in a gothic goulash of lace, mesh, and gold appliques. It looked like the Man with the Golden Gun's piece had a poor paint job and flaked off on the former Bond Girl's Balmain gown.

There's a reason Burton cast Green as a vampire: She makes a remarkably believable vampish immortal. But her frock's fissured design captured the unfortunate moment a beautiful bloodsucker steps into the sun and crumbles into dust.

Marvel over Chris Hemsworth's mismatched blazer and shirt

The Hollywood Reporter scolded Chris Hemsworth for defying Cannes' dress code by not wearing a tie with his Tom Ford suit for the Cannes premiere of his movie "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga." However, it was his mismatched combo of a pure white shirt and ivory one-button jacket that was really maddening.

Hemsworth's wife, Elsa Pataky, was wearing a black Armani Privé dress with a long train, so the couple could have just had a seamstress fashion a coat out of that excess material that would have matched his black slacks.

Victoria Silvstedt's strange pageant gown patchwork

Victoria Silvstedt, who was crowned Miss World Sweden in 1993, was clearly trying to relieve her glamorous pageant glory days at Cannes. Her bizarre purple dress appeared to be a jumble of bits taken from some of her old competition wear. It included a sequined skirt and a bodysuit with cutouts, high-cut leg openings, and a taffeta ruffle on the bust.

However, the strangest feature of the model's fussy outfit was her ill-fitting gloves — she looked like she was going to wash dishes for the talent portion of the Miss Cannes competition.

Rahi Chadda really came out of his shell

Fashion influencer Rahi Chadda dressed like he was upset that he didn't receive an invite to the Met Gala. His jumbo-sized, molded leather tunic designed by Luar made him stand out from Cannes' other male attendees, but this wasn't necessarily a good thing. 

The large, brown top looked like it came out of an orc's closet. The way his head peeked out of the stiff opening also gave the piece a carapace-like quality — it was giving "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," but make it high-fashion.

Daphné Bürki got too wrapped up in making a statement

It feels like "Drag Race France" judge Daphné Bürki had a black jumpsuit that she really wanted to wear, but at the last minute, she decided it was too boring.

She could have added some oomph to her outfit with a brightly colored belt, but she decided to go much bigger and bolder. It appeared that she took an entire bolt of orange fabric and tied it around her torso in a massive bow. She also made the baffling decision to bind one arm to her body.

Sanaa El Mahalli's odd shoulder embellishment

For her trek down the Cannes carpet, French fashion vlogger Sanaa El Mahalli wore a formless white gown that billowed out behind her dramatically. It had a single sleeve and a sculptural element on one shoulder.

The 3D decoration looked like something you might buy along with the type of ointment that's embarrassing to hand to a pharmacy cashier — seriously, how did she not look at that and immediately realize that she would be wearing a donut pillow for hemorrhoids?

Elena Lenina: What's in your wallet?

Rocking wild, sculptural hairstyles at Cannes is sort of French-Russian actor Elena Lenina's thing — she sported a huge headdress of braids in 2021 and a swirly conehead 'do in 2015. For 2024, she opted for a tiered style that somewhat resembled a — ahem — certain type of toy.

Lenina's impractical fanned dress was equally as eye-catching. She was encircled with stiff sheets of silver and black that looked like cheap wallets. She wore the origami-like outfit to the "Furiosa" premiere, so perhaps she was trying to channel some of that "Thunderdome" campiness.

The naked-ification of a Naomi Campbell classic

Will Hollywood ever tire of the naked dress trend? Supermodel Naomi Campbell reached deep into her archives and pulled a Chanel gown that she wore for the first time way back in 1996. But this time, "Legendary" judge Law Roach styled the slinky, sequined number with no slip underneath it, putting Campbell's skimpy unmentionables on display.

Maybe the look would have been gasp-inducing in the '90s, but celebs wear so many semi-sheer dresses these days that fashion fans have become immune to their scandalous nature.

Vicky Krieps' fabric fight

For the Un Certain Regard jury photocall, "Phantom Thread" star Vicky Krieps wore a Bottega Veneta dress that was a ruffled mess — she would have been better off if every thread in it had ghosted her.

The chaotic blocked gown was constructed with heavy tan fabric and a multicolored textured material that resembles a knobby woven blanket up close. The clashing fabrics were waging a battle to fully cover Krieps' body and exposing her dress' black lining in the process. No matter which material won, she would lose.