We Spotted A Dig Against Brad Pitt In Daughter Shiloh's Supposed Instagram Account

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt seems to be doing a good job of distancing herself from all the drama in their family thus far, unlike her siblings, who can't resist a good online jab at Brad Pitt. While she's usually spotted with her mom, Angelina Jolie, at public events, she has so far steered clear of openly disowning her dad — that is, until her supposed Instagram surfaced, which had glaring evidence that she might have started disassociating from the Pitt name. Is she following in her siblings' footsteps?

We may never know the real score inside Shiloh and Brad's relationship, but if rumors are to be believed, Angelina is actively dissuading her children from interacting with their father. Court documents obtained by People in May 2024 revealed that one of the couple's former bodyguards caught wind of the "Maleficent" star advising the kids to give Brad the cold shoulder. "He overheard that Ms. Jolie made to the children, encouraging them to avoid spending time with Mr. Pitt during custody visits," the guard's former boss said in a statement submitted to the L.A. Superior Court.

If there's any truth to this story, then Angelina's plan seems to be working like a charm. The evidence? Shiloh's Instagram name and handle, where she goes by Shiloh Jolie instead of her legal name, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. It looks like this former daddy's girl might just be her mother's daughter!

Shiloh has appeared to drop Pitt from her surname

Is it a case of like sister, like sister? Echoing her older sibling Zahara Jolie-Pitt, who ditched Brad Pitt's famous last name at her Spelman College sorority debut, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt seems to have also started rocking just 'Shiloh Jolie' these days. In May 2024, choreographer Lil Kelaan Carter shared a video of Shiloh in her element while dancing to the song "Tanzania." We don't know about you, but she absolutely crushed it! "Her movement is crazy. Thank you for your energy @sh1lohj," Carter wrote in the caption.

Not to overlook Shiloh's incredible performance here, but could her choice of Instagram handle be a subtle swipe at Brad Pitt? If the tagged account is really her personal Instagram, then it must mean that Shiloh prefers to step away from Brad's shadow. It might also be an indication that she, too, might have bad blood with Brad.

However, this behavior is in direct conflict with The Sun's report that Shiloh plans to move in with her Brad upon reaching legal age later in May. What's more, Brad is also pulling all the stops to warm up his relationships with his children, and it seems he's making headway with Shiloh, Vivienne, and Maddox. "Brad cherishes time with his kids and loves seeing them when he can, when he's in town, once or twice a week. It's definitely something he prioritizes," an insider dished to OK!, adding that he wishes to do the same with the other three. "Brad absolutely hasn't given up hope on the others, and hopes one day there will be peace in their hearts."