Christina Hall & Tarek El Moussa's Strange Reunion Proves There Is No Bar Too Low For Attention

A video featuring HGTV's most famous blended family has fans flipping out. Christina Hall and Tarek El Moussa's relationship got messy after their divorce, but the former "Flip or Flop" co-stars have seemingly put their differences behind them. They reunited to film a silly video that was a huge hit on Instagram, thanks to a special appearance by Tarek's current wife, Heather El Moussa.

Heather and Hall have worked on building a healthy co-parenting relationship, but is the world ready for "Selling Sister Wives?" The two real estate experts' matching looks had some fans joking that Tarek had pulled a Kody Brown — but with twins. Both women were clad in black bustiers and distressed jeans, and their curled hairstyles with side braids were identical. When introducing themselves to their viewers, the women pretended to get their names mixed up. To explain the error, Hall quipped, "It must be all that bleach."

The video reminded one Redditor of a bargain-bin knockoff of the reality series "The Girls Next Door." They wrote, "Um, this looks like Tarek trying to be Shein Hefner." But some of Hall's Instagram followers found the video hilarious, and it had them crossing their fingers for a crossover series featuring the stars of "The Flipping El Moussas" and "Christina in the Country." If HGTV were to make "The Realtor Housewives of Tarek El Moussa" a reality, the potential for drama would be an irresistible draw. It might also give the trio involved some much-needed good press.

The HGTV stars' off-putting behavior

Christina Hall and Heather El Moussa were obviously having a little fun with the constant comments about how alike they look. "Well, I guess it is confusing," Tarek El Moussa even quips at the beginning of the video. But during the May 2022 "Selling Sunset" reunion show, Heather threw a little shade at her husband's ex. "Did [Tarek] really say you're a hotter, richer version of his ex-wife?" host Tan France asked her (via Insider). Heather responded by saying, "Well, I mean." She then seemingly tried to get her castmates to agree with this assessment of her appearance and affluence. That same month, photos were published of Tarek dragging Heather away from Hall after the women exchanged words at a soccer match.

The group's press wasn't much better in 2023. Tarek had to defend himself from allegations that he was having tenants booted from their bungalows to build condos. "Notices to the tenants were served by the current owner ... I am not evicting anyone," he said in a statement obtained by People.

As for Hall, she upset some HGTV viewers by sharing photos on her Instagram Story of her and a few family members hanging out with controversial conservative commentator Candace Owens. Hall also expressed support for Owens by watching her documentary "The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM" and praising her on Instagram comment afterward.