What Happened To Robin Roberts? The GMA Star's Arm Injury, Explained

Robin Roberts has become a staple in people's morning routine. Everyday viewers tune into "Good Morning America" to watch Roberts along with her fellow co-anchors break down the news across the country. Because people have grown familiar with the journalist, there's not much we don't know about Roberts. But when she skipped a day on "GMA" and returned with a medical wrap around her arm, people were left wondering what happened to the businesswoman. Now, we finally have an explanation.

After airing a padel tennis segment on "GMA," Roberts' co-host, George Stephanopoulos, poked fun at the journalist's injury. According to People, he said, "I don't want you to get upset seeing that tennis on the screen. I know you had a little spill this weekend." Roberts acted like she didn't know what he was talking about. She said, "Oh, no no. You should've seen the other guy! I mean, I tried to uppercut." Sounds like a convincing story, but it was just a joke. The co-host later confirmed she fell on the tennis court, resulting in a break from work and a literal break in her wrist.

Roberts also filled her social media followers in on the broken bone, sharing a video about the fall. In an Instagram post, she said, "All my years of being a competitive athlete, my first fracture and hopefully my last one as well." Although it was a terrible incident, Roberts seemed to be in a cheerful mood, as an outpour of love and support has since come from viewers and friends.

People sent Robin Roberts well wishes

Over her years on air, people have grown to love and trust Robin Roberts. So, when viewers found out about her injury, they sent hundreds of messages wishing her well. One person commented on her Instagram post, writing, "Good morning Robin, sorry to see you had an accident. Get well soon." Other's shared their experience with similar injuries before sending her prayers. One user commented, "Me too ... right arm, pickleball court, 2023! But God brought me so much insight through my recovery, and ... I'm back on the court! Now, I am much more cautious, more grateful, more tenacious (if possible), and appreciative of what He has done for me!!! Prayers for you, Robin."

Although Roberts wasn't gone from "GMA" for long after dealing with her incident, her absence left a lasting mark, and not just on viewers. One of Roberts' fellow "GMA" anchors, Rebecca Jarvis, was glad to have the journalist return to set. She said in the comments, "Love to see you back @robinrobertsgma." While her wrist fracture is sure to be affecting her day to day life, Roberts hasn't let it get the best of her. And with all the well wishes she has received, how could she?

Robin Roberts is in good spirits

Although Robin Roberts has faced some tragic situations, her wrist fracture included, she isn't letting her latest hurdle keep her from doing the things she loves. In early May 2024, the journalist poked fun at how she and her wife, Amber Laign, were injured at the same time as they took on an important event. She shared on Instagram, "Sweet Amber & I are both on the mend but not stopping us from traveling to Houston for special night benefitting @mdandersoncancercenter." It's unclear how Laign injured herself, but in the photo, she had a bandage wrapped around her finger.

Besides taking on events close to her heart, Roberts has continued to appear on "GMA" with her usual cheerful attitude, despite her injury. In fact, the co-host has even matched her wrist brace to her attire for each day she is on air. While the base of the brace is always the same navy blue color, the straps change to coordinate with what Roberts is wearing for the day. In one Instagram post, she has on a bright orange dress with bright orange straps to match. In another post, Roberts is wearing a dark purple blouse with white pants. So, the straps on her brace were changed to purple to match her top. Clearly, the journalist is trying to make the most of her situation, and she continues to stay in high spirits.