Natalia Bryant Looks So Different Without Makeup

Natalia Bryant grew up to be gorgeous, so naturally, she decided to pursue a career where her photogenic qualities would be advantageous. Modeling also gave Natalia an in-depth education about makeup application, thanks to the beauty pros with whom she gets to work. However, her mama thinks she looks just fine without it.

After Natalia signed with IMG Models in 2021, Vanessa Bryant marveled over how grown up her eldest daughter looked in a photo showcasing Natalia's ability to look like a cosmetic company's dream ambassador. "You're beautiful inside and out. Beautiful with makeup and without makeup," she wrote on Instagram. She added that Natalia's late father, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, would be proud of her.

The expectation to honor Kobe's legacy is something Natalia will always carry with her, and she told Teen Vogue she's happy to talk about her dad. He imparted some valuable wisdom and Natalia learned an important lesson from her mom, as well. "She taught me confidence, and that beauty comes from the inside first," Natalia told Vogue. Natalia and her mother are also so gorgeous on the outside that they were asked to appear together in a 2021 Lancôme ad. They're both shown applying makeup, but if one of the products that Natalia owns is an indication of how often she wears it, then she sports a bare face the majority of the time she's not in front of a camera.

How college affected Natalia Bryant's appearance

Natalia Bryant appears to have at least some makeup on in most of her social media photos, but fans got a peek at her makeup-free face when she shared her beauty routine in a 2022 Vogue video. She also spoke a bit about what was going on in her life at the time. To become a model, she didn't skip college; instead, Bryant decided to study the art of filmmaking at the University of Southern California concurrently. "I kind of feel like a Hannah Montana. I'll go to this really cool shoot, and then by night, I go back to college and I go to class," she said.

Bryant's busy schedule took its toll on her face. "Being a college student, you don't really have the best sleep schedule," she shared. "So I wake up with these bags under my eyes." She said that massaging her under-eye area with a gua sha stone after applying her moisturizer seemed to help.

When Bryant got to the makeup application portion of her video, she showed fans the inside of her bronzer compact, which still contained a generous amount of product. "I've had the same bronzer since eighth grade," she confessed. If she uses that same bronzer every time she applies makeup herself, then it's clearly not something she does daily. Bryant also said she's militant about washing her makeup off before she goes to bed.

Natalia Bryant's biggest beauty regret

Natalia Bryant told Vogue she experimented with eyelash extensions when she was stuck at home during the pandemic, but in the long run, they left her lashes looking sparser rather than fuller. "Over time, they just started ripping off my eyelashes one by one," Natalia explained. In an effort to repair the damage, she started using Velour Lash Serum.

Now, Natalia just relies on mascara to make her lashes pop instead. Her mom remarked on her lighthanded application technique when she narrated a GRWM video Natalia shared on TikTok. "Love the au naturel vibe," Vanessa Bryant said. However, she seemed to think Natalia was overdoing it with the bronzer and the contour on her nose. Apparently, Vanessa didn't think Natalia needed the latter because she and her daughter have identical noses.


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According to Natalia, it's not bronzer, but blush that's her makeup obsession. She told Vogue that a makeup artist taught her to puff out one cheek at a time while applying it to help disguise the smile lines around her mouth. She also thinks that the product helps to highlight one of her best features. "When you're applying blush, you always wanna smile, so it picks up the apples of your cheeks," she said. "I feel like that's what people see the most when they see my face 'cause I'm always smiling."