Troubling Details Emerge About Rob Marciano's Firing From GMA

"Good Morning America" has been the most-watched morning news show for years but life behind the scenes seems to be anything but picture-perfect. Indeed, "Good Morning America" has been rocked by plenty of scandals you never knew about, from Robin Roberts' controversial Mississippi connection to Lara Spencer and Amy Robach's alleged feud. There have also been a handful of major incidents which the show failed to keep under wraps. Just think back to the headline-making exit of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach in January 2023 after affair rumors rocked "GMA." Or when Michael Strahan left us guessing over his lengthy "GMA" absence in late 2023.

The show has endured plenty of drama and that trend continued in April 2024 when Rob Marciano's sudden firing from "GMA" took the spotlight. The weatherman was reportedly let go over anger management issues and, since the news first broke, numerous troubling details have emerged. Apparently, Marciano's questionable behavior was a long-running issue at the network. Here's everything we now know about his firing by ABC News.

Rob Marciano was banned from the 'GMA' studio long before being fired

It seems trouble was brewing for Rob Marciano long before his firing. The weatherman, who joined ABC News as senior meteorologist in 2014, had been a staple of the "Good Morning America" weekend broadcast for nearly a decade when, all of a sudden, he disappeared from the show's NYC set. As Page Six learned in March 2023, the TV personality had reportedly been banned from setting foot inside the "GMA" studio in Times Square almost a year earlier. Indeed, while he received plenty of airtime on "World News Tonight," his morning show appearances were suddenly relegated to on-location hits only. According to several insiders who spoke with the outlet, Marciano's ban was the result of ongoing anger management problems. "There were times when he was very cranky and angry," said a source, calling his behavior "unsavory."

The final straw came when he allegedly did something that made a female colleague feel uncomfortable (the outlet didn't specify what that something was). That's when "GMA" executive producer, Simone Swink, quickly took action, forbidding Marciano from working on-set to ensure everyone felt at ease moving forward. "She's no-nonsense and is very serious," a source explained of Swink. "She's very protective of her team."

His divorce reportedly shifted his behavior

Divorce is never easy, but the hope is to use it as a learning experience and come out stronger at the end. Well, that wasn't the case for "GMA"'s weekend weatherman. Rob Marciano's divorce apparently changed him, and not for the better. In May 2022, fans noticed he had disappeared from the show and, that July, The Sun learned that was likely because he was dealing with a hush-hush split. Marciano's wife, Eryn, had quietly filed for divorce in June 2021 after 11 years of marriage.

On the surface, the pair appeared to be handling things well, even going on vacation together with their two kids, Madelynn and Mason, in April 2022. However, Marciano's Instagram activity amid the divorce spoke volumes as he dubbed the separation a time "of crisis" and "chaos." Similarly, he admitted to People, "The last couple of years have been very difficult." He also told the outlet he didn't actually want to separate and had tried to make things work with Eryn.

That failed attempt apparently took a major toll on his disposition. According to numerous sources, he began showing anger issues around the time of the divorce. "He made people feel uncomfortable," an insider told Page Six. "There was a period where there were some issues, a number of alarming events." What's more, an ABC News insider told The Daily Beast that he also started to "overshare" information about his divorce with female staffers, making them feel uncomfortable.

Did Rob Marciano go on a 'sexist' tirade?

Rob Marciano's sudden May 2022 disappearance from "Good Morning America" was previously tied to his divorce, however, it seems he wasn't merely taking time off to cope with heartbreak. Rather, The Daily Beast learned that the meteorologist was suspended by ABC News for at least a month. During that time, he was reportedly "forced to take anger management classes." The move is said to have been a repercussion of his questionable behavior towards a staffer. 

Sources who spoke with The Daily Beast in 2024 claimed that Marciano had made sexist comments to a female "GMA" producer, leading the show's executive producer, Simone Swink, to take swift action. Making matters even worse for himself, Marciano apparently tried to explain away his remarks by arguing that they were never aimed at the producer, but at his future ex-wife. Yikes.

While it's unclear whether Marciano actually took said anger management classes, he was soon barred from filming inside the "GMA" studio altogether to prevent him from making anyone else feel ill at ease.

Inside his reported feud with Ginger Zee

Rob Marciano first joined ABC News in 2014 as a replacement for the recently promoted chief meteorologist Ginger Zee. Marciano filled her weekend role but rather than Zee mentoring the new recruit or the pair building a healthy rapport, New York Post claims the colleagues actually feuded for years. "I think she brought out the worst in him," a source told the mag. "She treated him as a beta and she was the alpha." However, the insider was also adamant that Marciano was equally to blame as they butted heads and their personalities clashed. 

They said that while it's true Zee tried to one-up and outsmart Marciano, he always made his distaste of her and fellow staffers perfectly clear. Apparently, "[his] body language and tone would change" any time he didn't agree with something management did. What's more, "He lost his cool in meetings when he got news he didn't like."

Meanwhile, another insider put the blame entirely on Marciano, noting, "Ginger is a collaborative, inclusive and hard-working leader" and claiming that stories about her being rough on Marciano are false and, as they put it, "sexist."

His temper was allegedly a long-running problem

Following his lengthy absence from the "Good Morning America" weekend set, Rob Marciano officially announced his exit from the show in September 2023. While celebrating his 10th anniversary with the network, he broke the news on Instagram, writing, "I'll continue doing what I'm doing, contributing across all ABC shows and platforms Mon-Fri, while getting more quality time with my kiddos on the weekends."

Well, it seems he may not have had much say in the matter. According to various sources, Marciano's allegedly questionable behavior was a long-running problem which was bound to get him in the end. Once he was officially fired in April 2024, an insider told the New York Post that the weatherman had, what he called, a "hot temper" while another alleged, "He's got a short fuse." The latter also claimed Marciano's temperament had been an issue since the beginning. 

"His personality wasn't caused by his divorce or being treated like a beta [by Ginger Zee]," they slammed. A former colleague named Swetha Sharma corroborated those scathing reviews, telling People, "There were always stories about him about his temper." And while others stressed that Marciano was friendly and pleasant to work with, a senior ABC staffer told The Daily Beast, "I'm surprised it's taken this long."

A 'screaming match' reportedly ended Rob Marciano's 'GMA' career

The long list of celebs who destroyed their own careers now includes one Rob Marciano. The meteorologist was officially fired from ABC News on April 30, 2024, meaning he not only lost his "Good Morning America" gig but all of the other spots he held on the network, too.

Shortly after news of his firing made headlines, The Daily Beast spoke to a handful of sources who alleged that it was a "heated screaming match" with a "GMA" producer that finally did him in. While details of the altercation are slim, it's been reported that the blowout was witnessed by a number of staffers, and that it was chief meteorologist Ginger Zee who put the final nail in his ABC coffin. According to insiders, once Zee found out about Marciano's outburst, she reported it to leadership and encouraged the producer in question to do the same. A source told Page Six she stayed on top of the complaint, regularly following up with management until they ultimately decided that the weatherman had been involved in one too many incidents to be kept on.