Rose Hanbury Reemerges With Royals Close To Prince William & Kate Middleton Fans Are Livid

Fans of Catherine, Princess of Wales, are furious that Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, recently enjoyed a public outing with Camilla Parker Bowles. In case you weren't aware, Hanbury has been brutally branded as the second coming of Bowles, thanks to her rumored, but unconfirmed, affair with Kate's husband, William, Prince of Wales. And she has reemerged in the public eye ... within the princess' inner circle. 

As the Daily Mail reported, Hanbury joined the Queen on May 12 as they attended the Badminton Horse Trials in South Gloucestershire. She was even photographed with Bowles and beauty mogul Charlotte Tilbury, looking quite comfortable.Hanbury, whom the internet also thinks used looted Chinese artifacts to furnish her royal home, was also spotted curtsying to Bowles during the event. Unfortunately, the topic of their conversation hasn't been reported on at this time. 

Still, social media isn't happy with them flaunting any sort of bond as the rumors about Hanbury and William continue to spread. Paired with the fact that Kate's cancer diagnosis has forced her to skip out on official royal outings and duties over the past few months, and also prompted a wild crop of disturbing conspiracy theories about her health, Hanbury's inclusion has registered as especially sour. And her fans aren't afraid of sharing their distaste! 

Rose Hanbury gets no love from social media

Although Rose Hanbury has a long history with the British royal family, social media is not here for her cozying up to Camilla Parker Bowles amid Kate Middleton's sabbatical from the public eye. "Camilla was hanging out with Rose Hanbury this weekend. If my husband's rumored mistress was hanging out with my M-I-L I'd have some feelings. Just saying," tweeted one user on X, formerly known as Twitter. "Why does @DailyMailUK feel it's necessary for us to know that Charles' former mistress (now wife) Camilla attended an event together with Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley? Are they trying to hint at something, ...and why? #WhereIsKateMiddleton," tweeted another user.

Several more users leaned into the extra salacious theories about Kate's break from the public eye, including the unsubstantiated rumor that Prince William and his circle are trying "soft launch" Hanbury as her replacement in the family. "Gosh gosh! What's Camilla Rose tips on an overthrow?!" wrote one, referring to the Queen's highly-publicized affair with King Charles III, which occurred during his marriage to the late Princess Diana. "Oh ooo!! Oh oooooohh!!! Here we go again!! What are the optics giving, puuuullleeasse somebody tell me!! Camilla with Rose Hanbury at the Badminton Horse Trials! You know what?? I'll just sit this one out!" tweeted another animated fan.