Olivia Dunne Looks So Much Different Wearing Makeup

After achieving life-altering internet fame, gymnast Olivia Dunne became the face of the NCAA's NIL rule change when her smiling TikTok profile pic was supersized and displayed in Times Square. Giving good face undoubtedly helped Dunne become a millionaire when she was allowed to profit from her massive social media following, so who can blame her if she puts some effort into looking polished in her pics? Still, she's not opposed to offering fans a glimpse of what she looks like without all the glam.

Dunne gets paid to wear makeup, thanks to partnerships with cosmetics brands including TooFaced and L'Oréal. But she wasn't promoting any products in a GRWM video that she shared on YouTube in 2022, so it was probably a good representation of how she usually does her everyday makeup. Dunne started with tinted moisturizer, added a swipe of concealer under her eyes, and used a light dusting of powder to minimize shine. Dunne then applied a generous amount of bronzer on her cheekbones to give her skin a sun-kissed glow, following that up with a pop of pink blush and some shimmery highlighter. 

The layers of makeup helped to mask a facial feature fans do not see often: Dunne's freckles. But while she might cover them up frequently, this doesn't mean that she dislikes them.

Olivia Dunne called out the freckle fakers

In one TikTok video, Olivia Dunne showed fans what she looks like before and after applying makeup. While the end result was a natural, understated beauty look, the smattering of freckles on her cheeks and nose disappeared. "My freckles came, then left," she captioned the video. In another TikTok video, she showed off her freckles again and referenced a popular beauty trend: using makeup or henna tattoos to create fake freckles. "She may be prettier than me... but at least my freckles are real," her on-screen text read. However, she seemingly contradicted herself in her caption by assuring her followers that she's down with the faux flecks of pigment.


nothing against fake freckles but... #foryou #freckles

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Some of Dunne's admirers let her know they were fans of her uncamouflaged skin. "Why are you hiding those freckles," one person wrote. "Here me out ... the freckles are more attractive than the makeup ... either way she attractive tho," read another comment.

Dunne revealed in another TikTok video that she's particularly fond of the way her freckles pop when she's on the beach. She included some bikini photos in that video, and she's credited posing in swimsuits for Sports Illustrated with making her feel more confident about how she looks when she's not trying to look flawless. "SI's really helped me see that it's O.K. to not be perfect and to just be comfortable in your own skin. It's O.K. to not be perfect," she said.

Olivia Dunne's big beauty mistake

Olivia Dunne's makeup always looks immaculate for her gymnastics competitions; she rocks razor-sharp winged liner and glittery eyeshadow that makes her beauty look feel fittingly theatrical for the thrilling show that she puts on. But in one of her TikTok videos for TooFaced, she revealed that she prefers to wear minimal makeup to gymnastics practice. There is, however, one area of her face where she feels the need to enhance. "I always do my brows, because it's a quick, easy way to look a little more polished," she explained.


Literally straight out of Area 51 #foryou #eyebrows

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Dunne may also be a bit haunted by a beauty look that she experimented with when she was younger. She showed her TikTok followers what she looked like her freshman year of high school when she adopted the '90s trend of plucking brows into pencil-thin arcs. "Literally straight out of Area 51," she wrote in her caption. While she did not actually resemble an alien, the gymnast did look like a totally different person with her skinny brows, brunette hair, and pale skin. Dunne has since undergone a stunning transformation — she prefers to have a bolder brow, blonder locks, and darker skin these days. And while she sometimes uses fake tan that might diminish the appearance of her freckles, she told People that her preference is "catching a real tan."