HGTV Star Chelsea DeBoer Looks So Different Without Makeup

Ever since Chelsea DeBoer, previously known as Chelsea Houska, graced our television screens on "Teen Mom 2," we have seen her with a full face of makeup more often than not. Chelsea was always willing to pick up an eyeshadow palette or lipstick and try new things. In a post from 2013, testing out a different type of glam, the reality star shared a photo of her in a smokey-eye look. She captioned the post, "Playing with my make up ... who DOESNT love a good ol smokey eye?!" It's true, DeBoer enjoyed playing with makeup, and accompanied by her ever-changing hair color, it made it interesting for viewers to watch and see what creative look she would come up with next.

Because of her adoration of all things beauty, it's rare that people will see DeBoer without all the glam. So, when she chooses to rock a natural look, it can be a bit shocking. Cole DeBoer, Chelsea's husband, posted a photo of her without any makeup as part of a tribute for her birthday, and with her bare skin on full display, it brought out her natural features. She had freckles all across her face, rosy cheeks, and seemed blemish-free. The only thing the businesswoman may have put on for the photo was her lashes, but even that didn't distract from her dressed-down face. The new look had everyone in awe, in a good way, as people praised Chelsea for going without her cosmetics. 

The internet loved Chelsea DeBoer's glam-free look

Chelsea DeBoer's natural style was a stark difference to her usual. However, as much of a surprise as it was to see her without foundation, blush, or contour, the internet was still pleasantly surprised by her features. One user commented, "Omg! I'm shook I've always wondered what Chelsea looked like without makeup!!! GORGEOUS!" People couldn't help but praise the bare aesthetic, as the comments were flooded with post after post about DeBoer's face. One person wrote, "Not to be meant as a mean comment but Chelsea is absolutely stunning without makeup! Like wow! you are so lucky to be able to see this natural beauty everyday." People were big fans of DeBoer wearing less makeup, and this hasn't been the first time the HGTV star has gone bare-faced. 

In 2021, the HGTV star posted a photo of herself on her Instagram story without all the cosmetics she typically wears. However, she did have a filter on, but fans still caught a glimpse of what she looked like without being fully made up. It doesn't happen often, but when DeBoer or her husband share a picture of her makeup-free, it's just a shocking reminder of the natural beauty she has underneath all her glam.

Chelsea DeBoer asked her followers for makeup help

At the end of the day, no matter how many times she goes without makeup, Chelsea DeBoer will always be a fan of being in a full beat. Still, DeBoer doesn't consider herself an expert, and in 2021, the former "Teen Mom 2" star posted on her Instagram story asking her followers for help with updating her makeup look, specifically when it came to her eyebrows. 

She said, "Question- How are we doing our eyebrows these days? I'm trying to the brush-up, fluffy look. But every time I do that, I end up brushing them down because I think it looks so crazy on me." The reality star admitted she hasn't been able to nail the fluffed-eyebrow aesthetic before, suggesting her appearance is stuck in the past. She said, "So let me know because when I see these videos, it's like 2018 makeup vs. 2021. And I am definitely still in the old ways. Somebody help me. What do I need what products do I need?" It's unclear whether DeBoer found the help she asked for, but she is clearly always willing to try new things. 

In January 2024, she posted an over 8-minute video of an Ulta haul after being inspired by another influencer's video. Even the businesswoman can't control her impulsive shopping; when she walked into the store, DeBoer intended to buy the one product the influencer used, but she walked out with so much more. Obviously, she will always be makeup-obsessed.