Kimberly Guilfoyle Posts Rare Throwback Pic Without Makeup & We're Stunned

It's not throwback Thursday, but it doesn't need to be for Kimberly Guilfoyle to share an old pic. In honor of Mother's Day, Guilfoyle gave followers a glimpse into her life with her son, Ronan, throughout the years. People were left amazed after the post featured a rare photo of the former Fox News personality with no makeup.

Usually when Guilfoyle posts, people expect her to be in full glam and perhaps to use a little too much photoshop. However, in her Mother's Day post, she stripped it back — literally. She captioned the post, "Happy Mother's Day. Ronan, I have loved every moment of being your mom. You always make me so proud. Being a mother is truly the best job on the planet. Thank you. Love you so much." As people swiped through the photos, they were in for a bit of a surprise as one of the pictures captured her holding a baby Ronan in her arms, completely makeup free. Guilfoyle's features shined, as you could see her natural facial structure, her beauty marks, and blemish-free skin.

Just a couple of days prior to her Mother's Day post, she had shared one of her usual glam looks on Instagram, which featured heavy eyeshadow, dark brows, and foundation. So, the throwback pic of her without all of these cosmetics was a pleasant surprise for followers, who loved the bare-faced look.

Online users praised Kimberly Guilfoyle's makeup-free appearance

Kimberly Guilfoyle isn't always one to go without makeup, but when she does, her followers make sure to hype her up. People were stunned to see how different she looked after the former district attorney posted the throwback snap without all her usual glam. Although it was a bit of a shock to see her without a full beat, her supporters loved the unexpected style. Aside from all the Mother's Day wishes, her comments were filled with praise for the photo.

One person commented, "Unimaginably happy, beautiful, and all natural ... the newborn pic is the most beautiful photo you've ever posted, bar none." Another person wrote, "That natural picture of you with your son as a baby is stunning. You look amazing there. God Bless." It's not typical for Guilfoyle to post or share anything without makeup, but out of all the photos she posted, the one without all the cosmetics easily became people's favorite. One user said, "Beautiful happy mother's day. Such a gorgeous picture of you and newborn Ronan."

In the past, the former Fox News correspondent has caught some flack for her appearance, and specifically, her rumored plastic surgery. Based on people's reactions, it seems that they are more a fan of her natural look than her usual over-the-top aesthetic, even if it's rare to see her dressed down.