All The Signs Trump Lawyer Alina Habba Can't Stand Stormy Daniels

Alina Habba not only works for Donald Trump, but she's also one of his biggest supporters. So, it's no wonder that his enemies are her enemies, including Stormy Daniels. Habba has made it loud and clear over the years that she can't stand the adult film star.

Daniels has become a big topic among Trump's inner circle after her affair with the former U.S. president came to light. Since then, the relationship has been the focus of a criminal trial after Trump was charged with 34 counts of falsifying records for allegedly having his lawyer pay hush money to the adult film star just before the 2016 election. With Daniels ever-present in Trump's life, and not by choice, Habba has formed some less than flattering opinions about her.

Habba joined the Trump team in 2021 and has served as one of his most relied-upon members of his legal team ever since. As the former U.S. president has faced legal issue after legal issue, she's been by his side through it all. But Habba is not on the defense team for the hush money trial, as she specializes in civil cases, not criminal cases. Still, she hasn't been afraid to share her thoughts about the trial and Daniels in particular over the years.

Alina Habba looked happy Stormy Daniels was thrown in harm's way

Alina Habba had an interesting reaction to Stormy Daniels' testimony in the hush money trial, which detailed the scary situations she's had to endure because of Donald Trump. In particular, Daniels' attorney cited one social media post from the former U.S. president's Truth Social account that caused safety concerns. Tyler McBrien, a reporter in the courtroom, recalled Trump's post, which read, "IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I'M COMING AFTER YOU." Daniels believed this was about her because it was shared around the time the businessman had won the defamation case that Daniels was a part of. 

Trump's Truth Social post and his continuous jabs at Daniels, including calling her "a total con" and "horseface," has his supporters backing him up and attacking the former exotic dancer. At one point, the backlash she received from Trump's following became a cause for concern. She revealed in the courtroom she took some major precautions to ensure she and her family could live without the fear of something bad happening. According to the Daily Beast's Jose Pagliery, she said, "I've had to hire security, take extra precautions, hire tutors for my daughter ... had to move a couple of times."

While most people would show some sort of sympathy for Daniels and her safety, Alina Habba found joy in her fear. Pagliery shared, "Habba was smiling ear to ear as Daniels explained how this ordeal has cost her dearly." Habba's shady behavior showed that even in Daniels' toughest moments, she's not on her side.

Alina Habba thinks Stormy Daniels case is a fluke

Many who lean left politically see the Stormy Daniels hush money case as an opportunity to hold Donald Trump accountable. However, for Alina Habba, it's more of a witch-hunt. Trump has become the first former U.S. president to stand trial on a criminal count for allegedly falsifying business records regarding a payment that his lawyer, Michael Cohen, made to Stormy Daniels.

As Daniels has taken the stand to testify, she has shared some intimate details about her relationship with the businessman. From his bedtime habits with Melania Trump to him not wearing a condom during their sexual affairs, the trial has been anything but typical. According to The Hill, even Judge Juan Merchan didn't think that Daniels didn't need to divulge as many details as she did. Still, it happened anyway, and Habba is not happy about this.

While appearing on Fox News' "America's Newsroom," the lawyer discussed what she thinks about the testimony and how she believes it has been unfair to Trump. She broke down what this case should be about, saying, "A payment to Michael Cohen, who was an attorney. To reimburse him — was a legal fee. That's what this case is about. Where was President Trump? In the White House." In Habba's mind, Daniels' testimony and the case itself has turned into a Trump bashing. She said, "And they're trying to now make this a very salacious, you know — it's a complete extortion situation."

Alina Habba's harsh opinions about Stormy Daniels' Vogue cover

Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss have graced the inside of Vogue, and yes, even Stormy Daniels has been in the magazine. In April 2023, the adult film star was featured in a Vogue issue, discussing her life, which inevitably involved Trump. While some were eager to read about Daniels' life, Alina Habba was more critical about the feature.

While appearing on Newsmax in April 2023, the lawyer had harsh opinions about Daniels' appearance in Vogue. Habba began by critiquing those interested in reading the piece, while throwing shade at the adult film star. She said, "If they want to see her, frankly they could have probably just gone on OnlyFans, it would have been a lot cheaper." A month prior, Daniels had promoted her OnlyFans for a Q&A session, which seemed to be what Trump's lawyer was referring to.

As the interview continued, Habba threw countless jabs Daniels' way. She said, "People like Stormy Daniels should not be praised, they should not be in Vogue, they should be in — she should frankly be figuring out how she's going to pay my client back because she owes him a large sum of money right now." She was referencing the staggering amount of debt Daniels is in, which includes over $600,000 owed to Trump for his legal fees.  Habba claimed that perhaps the reason she was featured in Vogue was because she's trying to find a way to pay off her debts.

Alina Habba doesn't think Stormy Daniels is a credible witness

Right when you think Alina Habba is done talking about Stormy Daniels testimony, she makes another remark. This time, she sat down with Sean Hannity and initially tried to keep her comments about the hush money trial pretty general. She said, "What's more compelling to me is that the prosecution, whose case, frankly, in my opinion, has been destroyed, is completely discredited" (via Mediaite).

Habba didn't name Daniels explicitly, but Hannity's follow-up comment called out the former exotic dancer. He said, "As a matter of law, everything she [Daniels] talked about today was immaterial. I mean, it has really nothing to do with the law." Clearly the talk show host was speaking about Daniels, which Habba didn't want to get too into, but did say a cryptic comment that was obviously directed at the adult film star's credibility. She said, "And I'm not going to speak to her testimony ... What I will say is this, Sean, when you have inconsistencies with any witness, it speaks volumes."

As Habba has grilled Daniels, she hasn't stayed quiet about the case. Tweeting a jab to Trump, she said, "Real men respond to testimony by being sworn in and taking the stand in court. Oh...wait. Nevermind." Trump has refused to testify, claiming the gag order in place prevents him from doing so, although that isn't the truth. Trump may be scared to testify, but Daniels wasn't, even if it meant getting criticized by Habba.

Alina Habba's social media says it all

One clear sign that Alina Habba can't stand Stormy Daniels, besides everything she has publicly said about her, is the lawyer's social media. Habba is active on all platforms and one look at her X account, formerly known as Twitter, and it's clear the lawyer is not a fan of the adult film star.

Habba has reposted or liked a lot of tweets criticizing Daniels, especially as the hush money trial has taken place. As the former exotic dancer took the stand, the lawyer favorited a tweet that read, "'This is not testimony, this is 'sextimony.' The salacious details of her testimony are just meant to prejudice the jurors. This case is a conspiracy between Biden's DoJ, a political DA, and a prejudiced judge to humiliate and interfere with the Pres campaign of a competitor."

Habba has continued to like tweets questioning Daniels' credibility in the case. One tweet she favorited said, "Reminder: Stormy Daniels own lawyer said that Daniels admitted that she EXTORTED Trump and the whole thing was a SHAKEDOWN. Stormy is Biden's 'star witness' today in this rigged trial. TRUMP IS THE VICTIM HERE!" So, if you're wondering what Habba really thinks about Daniels, and if she hasn't already said it in person, just take a look at her social media.