What Was LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne's GPA?

Olivia Dunne's life drastically changed when she unexpectedly found social media fame, but the LSU gymnast didn't let her influencer career keep her from her studies. Despite having to deal with some pretty major distractions, she maintained an impressively high GPA.

Dunne's gymnastics team, the Tigers, celebrated her inclusion on the LSU Dean's List in a June 2023 Instagram post. This means that she ended the semester with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The numbers associated with Dunne are usually much larger. There are her team's scores during competitions, such as the 198.2250 that they earned to win LSU's first-ever national gymnastics title in April 2024. Then there's the long string of numbers following the dollar sign in her bank account; Dunne earns staggering sums from her social media deals. However, academic excellence was also important to the athlete, in part because it's something that was expected of her. In a June 2023 appearance on the "Full Send" podcast, she was asked what motivated her to be a good student. "We have to. We don't really have a choice; we have a team GPA we try to meet every semester. I think this year was 3.5," she said. Dunne also revealed that her GPA at the time was 3.6 or 3.7.

Dunne was presented with some unique challenges while trying to keep her grades up, but luckily, she's also had some help with her studies.

How she balanced school and social media stardom

Olivia Dunne had to learn some lessons that aren't taught in any LSU classrooms. They included how to navigate her college years as a trailblazer who was taking advantage of the NCAA's NIL rules that allow students to profit from their talent. "There was no roadmap of how to do school, your athletics, and social media all at the same time," she told People. On top of this, Olivia had some fans that were a bit too passionate. She told Elle that she had to start taking classes online because she feared for her safety. "There were some scares in the past, and I just want to be as careful as possible. I don't want people to know my daily schedule," she said.

While Olivia was unable to sit in a classroom, she praised her school for doing its best to ensure that every student gets an excellent education. "LSU has so many resources, too. You gotta try to fail," she said on "Full Send."

Olivia has been fortunate to have someone she can trust in her corner: her older sister Julz Dunne. Julz had one year of school at LSU under her belt when Olivia joined her there, so the seasoned student was able to show her little sis the ropes and be her study buddy. Olivia also told Elle that Julz took one more thing off her plate by editing her social media videos.

Olivia Dunne's future plans

Having a high GPA is a good way to impress employers after graduating from college, but it's one number that might not matter all that much for Olivia Dunne — she's already a millionaire. Still, excelling at the three disciplines she chose for her Interdisciplinary Studies major — leadership, sociology, and communications — could benefit her in the long run. As she pointed out to People, gymnastics is not a long-term career. Fortunately for Olivia, her popularity makes pivoting to entrepreneurship a viable option. "I would definitely like to have my own brand. Yes, I love working with brands, but I would like to have my own thing, my own product," she told On3. Dunne may just want to make sure that she puts someone else in charge of anything number-related; she told Sports Illustrated that math was her weakest subject.

As she continues plotting her future, the gymnast likely won't fade into obscurity anytime soon. Dunne's relationship with Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes has fans comparing the pair to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce on Instagram, and the MLB is celebrating her "WAG era" on TikTok. Dunne also inked a partnership deal with the platform Passes that made her millions of dollars richer, per Forbes. Passes is a paid subscription service that offers fans exclusive content from their favorite social media entrepreneurs. Dunne teased that she'll be doing some Q&As, so maybe she'll be willing to share some of her best studying tips.