What GPA Did Pittsburgh Pirates' Paul Skenes Graduate High School With?

Before becoming one of the hottest MLB players, Paul Skenes had a standout collegiate career at Louisiana State University, and Air Force Academy. Going into college, Skenes had a killer work ethic both on and off the baseball field. "One of my favorite quotes is, 'Nobody cares, work harder.' You can complain all you want, but the guy next to you is going through it too," the pitcher told the Los Angeles Times as a senior at Lake Forest's El Toro High School in May 2020. The outlet asked where the then-high school senior saw himself in the future. "Either playing pro ball or flying jets," Skenes responded. He took school seriously and graduated with a 4.76 GPA which was good for eleventh in his class, per Air Force Falcons.

After high school, Skenes took a pragmatic approach to his career and enrolled at Air Force. "Playing professional baseball was a dream of mine, but it wasn't the primary dream," he told BRProud in May 2023. Even though he showed discipline before going to college, Skenes says his time at Air Force had a profound impact, especially the basic training. "Those 37 days, I never want to do that again but it's 100% shaped to who I am today," he said. Skenes spent two years at Air Force, but was forced to make a difficult decision leading into his junior year.

How Paul Skenes' time before LSU shaped him

As evidenced by his impressive high school GPA, Paul Skenes took school seriously, but being at Air Force was a different level of discipline. The baseball star's days started at 6:30 a.m. and went until 7:00 p.m., and after two years he was ready to head to Louisiana State University to increase his MLB draft stock. That meant Skenes had to break the news to Air Force's coach. "He didn't want to leave," Mike Kazlausky, the team's coach told Nola.com in April 2023.

Leaving before his junior year meant that Skenes would not have to complete mandatory military service, but Skenes had not abandoned the idea of serving his country down the line. "We'll get him back in the military once his professional playing days are over," Kazlausky told Nola.com. While at Air Force, Skenes understood the seriousness of the military training. "My roommate for the past two years is going to be a combat rescue officer, and the reality of it is, he might pass in the line of duty," the pitcher told the outlet in April 2023.

Skenes took a workmanlike approach to academics, military training, and of course his time on the mound. "I don't mean this to be arrogant. I think the only way I get beat is when I beat myself," he told ESPN on May 9 just days ahead of his MLB debut. That debut wound up catching the attention of Skenes' girlfriend, Olivia Dunne.

Olivia Dunne gushes over Paul Skenes' impressive performance

On May 11, Paul Skenes made his MLB regular season debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates. His fastball was on display as he struck out seven hitters in just over four innings of work. Skenes' girlfriend, Olivia Dunne, who is a gymnast and social media star who also went to Louisiana State University, was on hand for the debut. Dunne gushed over her beau — and as has been a running theme since his high school days — praised Skenes' work ethic. "I just know what a hard worker he is, so this is probably one of the favorite moments I've ever seen. Seriously, there's nothing that can top this. I'm so proud," Dunne told MLB reporters after the game.

The following day, Dunne posted a three-photo Instagram carousel commemorating the event. "Way to go Bucco," the LSU star wrote in the caption alongside snaps of the couple embracing on the field of PNC Park.

Previously, Skenes had spoken about how fame affected his relationship with Dunne. "I do wish she could come to a baseball game and just enjoy it," he told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in August 2023. "I'm sure it'll get better as I go up levels," Skenes added. It does appear that Dunne was far more comfortable watching her boyfriend pitch in the majors than at college, where she was often swarmed by fans.