Whatever Happened To Stormy Daniels' Three Ex-Husbands?

Stormy Daniels' relationship history befits her name. The adult film director has terminated two tumultuous marriages and counts Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro among her celebrity suitors. But the most famous man she has (allegedly) hooked up with is former president Donald Trump.

Daniels' mother, Sheila Gregory, is a proud Trump voter. "If things had worked out differently he could have been my son-in-law," she said in a 2018 interview with the Daily Record. "He'd be older than me though." However, there was one tiny problem with Gregory's American dream: Donald was married to Melania Trump when he reportedly met Daniels. The brutal digs Daniels took at Donald during his hush-money trial also made it obvious that she's just not that into him. Per MSNBC's Katie Phang, when Donald's defense attorney Susan Necheles said to Daniels, "You wanted to publicly say that you had sex with Donald Trump," the sharp-witted witness for the prosecution retorted, "No, nobody would ever want to publicly say that."

Daniels is also a shrewd businesswoman who is married to her work — all three of her ex-husbands have had careers in the adult industry, and two of them still do today. One of her exes has even announced plans to team up with a former presidential hopeful to launch a new adult entertainment company.

Stormy Daniels loved Pat Myne, and his late daughter

In her memoir "Full Disclosure," Stormy Daniels recounts marrying an adult film performer/director named Pat Myne in 2003 after a night of heavy drinking in Las Vegas. "I made a go of it because he had a preteen daughter from a previous relationship, Taylor, who he saw quite a bit of. I grew to love her," Daniels writes. But after a year of marriage, Daniels and Myne decided to go their separate ways. Sadly, Myne's daughter died of an overdose in 2005, per the Daily Pilot.

Myne was still directing adult films as of 2024. That March, he posted a throwback photo of himself, Taylor, and Daniels on Facebook and captioned it, "Stormy Loved her as much as I did! I will always be Grateful for that!" Later that month, Myne shared another post about how close he and Daniels remained after their split. "Not only friends But Family," he wrote, to which Daniels replied, "Forever! I love ya!"

Myne, who goes by the name Bart Clifford outside of work, is also a competitive cyclist. In March 2024, he helped organize a bike race that had deep significance for him: the Taylor Elizabeth Clifford Grand Prix in Costa Mesa, California. Myne competed in the race and won his age division. "Taylor Elizabeth Clifford was Smiling down from Heaven Yesterday!!" he wrote on Facebook afterward. "That light rain we had on the first race, Were Her Tears of Joy falling on Us!"

Her ex Mike Moz might be in business with Kanye West

Stormy Daniels married Mike Moz, whose real name is Michael Mosny, in 2007. In "Full Disclosure," she reveals that she was dating Moz at the time she received her purported invitation to dine with Donald Trump. Moz was a publicist who evaluated the offer from a business standpoint. "You have to go. ... It's a great opportunity for you. Just think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime thing," Daniels recalls him telling her.

The couple's marriage was tempestuous. According to Daniels, Moz once got her arrested by claiming that she hit him while trying to grab her keys from him during an argument. However, she was not charged with a crime. She also claims that Moz purposely made their 2009 divorce difficult for her. But two years after their marriage ended, Moz had Daniels' back; he corroborated her claims when she spoke to InTouch about her alleged sexual encounter with Trump.

Moz has produced over a dozen adult films, and in 2024, he revealed that former presidential hopeful Kanye West had reached out to him about launching his own X-rated business venture. "I've been having discussions with Ye about a potential collab between Yeezy brand and my team at Vixen Media Group," Moz told TMZ. "While it's too early to give any details I'm excited about where Ye's vision takes this." He added that their company would be unlike any existing adult entertainment brands, but didn't elaborate on how.

Stormy Daniels' messy split from Glendon Crain

Stormy Daniels' third husband, Glendon Crain, was a drummer for the band Hollywood Undead when she met him. But in "Full Disclosure," she reveals that she convinced him to embark on a new career as an adult film star. Daniels told AVN that Crain also used to edit many of the movies she directed.

Crain, who performed under the name Brendon Miller, was married to Daniels in 2018 when The Wall Street Journal broke its story about her hush money payment from Donald Trump. In her memoir, Daniels reveals that Crain was furious that he learned about her alleged affair from the news and not Daniels herself. Of the media circus their life suddenly became, she writes, "This was all so hard on my marriage."

After Daniels' July 2018 arrest at a strip club, Crain decided to file for divorce. It didn't matter that Daniels had done nothing wrong; in fact, two of the undercover cops who claimed that she had allowed unlawful touching later lost their jobs, per ABC News. Crain and Daniels had welcomed a daughter in 2011, and she got dragged into the marital drama. "Days later, [Crain] emptied our bank account, disappeared in the car with our daughter, and filed a temporary restraining order against me that prevented me from coming near her," Daniels writes. A custody battle ensued, and TMZ reported that Daniels was ordered to pay her ex monthly child support payments of $1,000.

Glendon Crain appeared in the Stormy documentary

Glendon Crain was employed as a stagehand at a Dallas concert venue when his divorce proceedings began, per the Daily Mail. Two years later, the Daily Mail reported that he had gotten a job as a dishwasher at a Chili's in the Dallas suburb of Forney, Texas. According to the outlet, he had primary custody of his daughter, who was residing with him.

Crain accused Stormy Daniels of infidelity in his divorce petition, per TMZ, but the exes had ironed out their differences by the time Daniels' Hulu documentary, "Stormy," premiered in 2024. In it, Crain elaborates on his cheating allegations, claiming that Daniels had an affair with journalist Denver Nicks, per People. In addition to providing footage for the documentary, Nicks interviewed Daniels for Rolling Stone in 2018. "My daughter didn't deserve any of this.[Crain] didn't deserve any of this," she told Nicks at the time. 

In "Stormy," Crain also discusses his unhappiness with Daniels' decision to tour the country as a headlining act at strip clubs after becoming a headline maker. For her part, Daniels expresses remorse over what she put her ex through. "I can't even imagine how Glen felt," she says. "It just was not good for him, but mostly I broke his heart, and that is the one thing in this whole thing that I regret." Still, Crain praises his ex by calling her "a great person," per The New York Times.

Stormy Daniels works with Barrett Blade often

In 2022, Stormy Daniels married Barrett Blade. According to Vogue, Daniels first met Blade at age 19, before her adult film career had started. He was the bassist for the band Dial-7 at the time. When the pair crossed paths again, Daniels learned that Blade had switched careers and was going to be her first leading man in an X-rated production. They remained friends, and over two decades after that initial meeting, Blade told Daniels he was in love with her.

These days, Blade is a cinematographer who works with Daniels on many different projects, including her raunchy Western, "Redemption." She and Blade also appear in the film and get intimate. "We didn't have a cameraman, so literally [Blade] shot camera on his own sex scene," Daniels revealed in a 2023 appearance on the "Adult Empire" podcast. The duo have also worked together on "For the Love of DILFS," a dating show that Daniels hosts for OUTtv, and a paranormal series for Roku. 

Daniels gushed to The Times, "He treats me like a queen and makes me feel safe, and he has such a nice family, and he loves my daughter so much." Blade is also generous; per the New York Post, he dropped over $500,000 to buy his equestrian wife a Florida horse ranch in 2022. But Barrett told The Times that he and Daniels would abandon their abode and move to another country if Donald Trump were to become president again.